Posted by: YWB | April 20, 2009

Rain = :(

it__s_raining_by_manano1      Two days ago it was such a nice day, with bright sunlight and i was planning on visiting the nurseries. But i didn’t go, why? Well simple. Because I didn’t feel like going  PeeCeeGee . That’s a good enough excuse. nahi?

Anyways, the weekend was just bluuhh, didn’t do much except for went to mosque for our monthly religious class and learned a new hadith and read other religious stuff.  Lajna¹ ijtama² is coming up, its on May 10th so i have almost like 3 weeks left to prepare myself for all the competitions. I have decided i’ll take part in speech for sure, poem, talawat of 6 rakoos of 2nd part of holy quran, and also going to memories Surah Lail and Surah Qaria (i am kinda unsure about surah lail it is a bit long and i have only 3 weeks).

Essay competition is on June 7th so i dont have to worry about that, i still do have time for that. My essay topic is  “Ways to please Allah” or in urdu “ho jaho tum khuda ke aa jahey gi kud duniya”.  I have to prepare myself for the essay but first i have to concentrate on *ijtama competition. There is a extempore speech (fil-baadi) and bait bazi, 40 Hadith, first 5 chapter of holy quran with word to word translation. But i am not going to take part in it  . I do know first suparah with word to word translation but not 4 so cant take part in it. Insallah maybe by next year i can memories 40 Hadith.

I havent started writing my speech nah plus i have to memories it too because there are some memorizing marks as well. The topics of the speech in urdu are really hard this year, let see how do that. I need to include some quranic verses and some hadith in my speech to meet the criteria.

Other then that nothing much is going on in my life. oh yeh i am thinking of buying a SLR camera have any suggestion, you know where to drop it off

Lajna¹ is organization of women 15 years of age and above.

* Ijtama² is a yearly competition held for Lajna first locally then the choosen one go to a regional Ijtama and then those who are selected in regional ijtama take part in a national Ijtama competition.    


Later Days !  !  !  !



  1. your thoughts are so pure, they wash me all the time 🙂

  2. p.s. the picture is AMAZING!

  3. thanks AD 😀 i am glad u enjoy it

  4. Good luck on the competition! I hope you have a good time.

  5. u should enjoy the rain, because mom says that rain removes gharmi danay from ur body plus i didnt get anything abt all that competition stuff and u should buy one umbrella instead of camera, because u need it more then a camera, because u can use umbrella both in sunshine as well as in rain but u cant use camera in rain, so why waste ur money on something which cant be with u all the time

  6. wish i could participate in competitions like these. Competitions bring out the best in me 🙂

  7. All the best … and do do go for word to word meaning learning of first 5 suparahs .. thats divine. I did mine when I was in nasiraat 😀 and alhamdolillah it has helped me a lot … I usually dont have much trouble in comprehending arabic any more .. so its a must 🙂

    Allah kamiyaab karay Inshah Allah.

  8. Hey – What lovely smileys you use – Hope you dont mind my copying them for my blog.

    All the best for the essay. 🙂

  9. b ma guest 😀

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