Posted by: YWB | April 22, 2009

I think this world should just end now.








Yeh i am having one of those moments!



  1. is this what u call recovering?

  2. i dont know….. sometimes it really seem like i am recovering and sometimes i back to square 1

  3. i think u dun wanna recover

  4. yeh and how do you know this ???

  5. u say silly things

  6. Evrythin’ all right, we hope ?

  7. yesterdaywazbetter, I can feel your pain.. life sucks!!!!!!!!!

  8. I bet you do 😉

    How have you been?

  9. yeh u won a million $$ @ V

  10. err… dslr kay paisay mujhay bhejh do plz :S Ive to buy one 😛

  11. World will end when it is written and you and I may not be here to watch the fireworks.
    Whatever happens becomes part of your life and you can not just cut it off…with time you learn to live with it.
    And Asma already got DSLR in jahez…so you don’t need to send her money.

  12. pheeww wat a relief

    thxx for telling me that she already got a dslr in jaheez ….

  13. :/

    zios bhai wiped my dreams with a good mop =(


  14. lolsssss

    yeh after all he had to help me
    wat r frds for 😛

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