Posted by: YWB | April 23, 2009

satisfied my craving


Yesterday i had craving for Teramousey cake…. went out to pick my sister and on the way back i bought this. It was yummy.


Foxy is not felling good for past 3days. She was moewing alot lately but we thought thats just normal as she is a very vocal cat. But today when i called home from work mom told me foxy is not walking properly and moewing alot.

I came home and me and my sister took her to the hospital. We had to wait for an hour before the doctor could examin her.  She told us its normal as she is growing up and getting mature and she suggested us that we get her neutered so save us from more troubles that comes in the way if we dont neuter.  She is having cramps since afternoon and just lying on the bed. She played with her mouse toy for a little bit.

These pictures i took couple of days ago while she was sleeping. She looked so cute, i couldnt resist to run and grap my camera to take her pictures.



This is how sometimes she sleeps….. haath pehlaa kar mahraniyon ke tarhan … seriously!




  1. Oh crap …. I want a huge piece of this cake too =(

  2. Oh….I want the cake AND the cat!!! 😦

  3. I soo want that cake!

  4. Asma: sorry its all gone….. 😀

    DM: u cant get EVERYTHING …. gota pick one lols

    Raniyas: i’ll give u cat…. hows that hahaha

  5. ymmmmmmm! i want that cake.

  6. This is a yummy cake – I like this one too!

    Cute cat! 🙂

  7. well.. I was rather craving the cake at the moment, the cat thing we can discuss after that.. I am open for that too

  8. Good GOD that is THE cutest cat I’ve ever seen!!! 😀 I’m suddenly having a huge cat-cuddling-craving!

  9. My cat sleeps like that tooo! She is the “princess of the house.” I thought she was the only one.

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