Posted by: YWB | April 26, 2009

Women Day!

We celebrated women day at our mosque where we had presentation on different topics. After the presentation we had given an opportunity to discuss or ask questions.  The discussion took good one hour, even though we all had so much more to say but due the shortage of time we had to wrap up our discussion. 

I saw couple of my friends after like months because they live far end of the city. I don’t feel like typing today…for some reason i feel extremely tired, even though i slept well.

We are having BBQ today, cousins are over. I just had a good badmintion match with my cousin and we both are still not sure who won. I think i won snooty wali smilie but he still doesn’t agree with me.  Foxy is really weak now, the whole day yesterday she slept and lately she is not eating well.  I bought her favourite candies which she totally loves so i am giving her that but that’s not enough she needs to eat her food too.  Me and my sister took her out for a walk but doctor strictly told us that she is not allowed to go out till her wounds are healed or else she might get infection. 

I better go now, everyone is calling me out on the deck. You guys enjoy this video……





  1. hello.where do you get those emoticons to put up in your blogs.,

    specially the one next to the line wherein you are saying “it was i who won”

  2. 🙂

  3. Rubina i have some of these smiley saved in ma laptop………

    😀 feel free to copy it if u want

    *its not like no one gona copy it *snooty

  4. we will we will rock you, rock you!
    Awesome video! (Y)

  5. women’s day in a mosque ! that sounds good ! 🙂

  6. that is a beautiful post 🙂
    i think every day is woman’s day if only the other specie thinks of it!

    i dont get the point of DAY celebrations.

  7. Chalo ho gaya na women’s day ab aur bhe kuch likh lo hehehehehehe

  8. passsword madame .. password dein

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