Posted by: YWB | May 14, 2009


My new obsession is Ceramic. I did work with ceramic when I was in high school; in art class we had one project which was about ceramic and I made a plate. That plate was so beautiful and I had the highest marks in class. On the plate, I engraved a house using the techniques of two vanishing points. It took so long, so many days I stayed after and so many nights I stayed up to work on this project.  I finally had the design which was in my imaginations. 

Once my brother held this plate in his hand and all of the sudden it slipped from his hand and broke into so many pieces.  *yeh I was mad like hell grumpy nd wanted to beat him up  …… but I didn’t cuz you all know I am so kind Tubelight *

So these days when I have plenty of time in hand, and I also wanted to stop myself from thinking about things, people and life so I thought why not do something that I always wanted to do.

I wanted to make a small vase….. but I ended up with a huge vase (lols….. don’t know how Konfused) then I thought I would go with some sindhi or traditional Pakistani designs on the vase but as I couldn’t find anything to give me any idea about sindhi art work or traditional Pakistani art work. I thought to make a modern style of vase.  So now I am giving it all kinds of different geometric  shapes to make it look more modern CareBear

I am not done with the vase, still working on the design on the vase. So any ideas are welcomed, I’ll see which ones I can use on this vase which ones I can save up for something else. I am thinking of making a plate after I finish this vase.




After the top of the vase is cut !




  1. how about googling “making ceramic vases” 😛

    The cut off look is nice … ~

  2. i tried all the possible sourses i could 😦

  3. it looks awesome so far..

  4. thxxxx

    i am stuck……… 😦

  5. is it on yet?

  6. lolss vaqas

    no not yet….

    u can drop ur order though @ ma email with details of ur design…. and colours that u want…

    its on first come first serve basis…. 😀

  7. nice effort !
    keep up the good work
    gud luck!..:)

  8. I did found some nice shapes 🙂

    try again sweet gal

  9. Loved it. I am also craving to learn this out nowadays. Time is the issue always =s

  10. […] So after giving my vase a shape and engraving some design, i took it to my university and fired it. It took me two days to finish firing the vase and then […]

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