Posted by: YWB | May 25, 2009

Some days are very strange, you think it’s just one of those usual days but as the clock ticks and things start to happen it just shows otherwise.

Today something happened which made me realized how short the life is and how unpredictable it is. We spend most of our time quarrelling, hating, insulting, arguing, degrading each other and this battle never ends. We have more foes then friends, we have more plans to get even with people then plan to please them. 

But seriously if you think about it, this short life is too short.



  1. “Life is very funny, if you take the time to watch it.”

  2. it sure is…….

    i sit quite in a corner and watch it….

  3. we can make it beautiful too … just a lil pushing to do?

  4. It’s long enough for most purposes 😉

  5. Agreed!

  6. Lol! Raheel, right now you sound like one of those spam bots that show up on the blogs from time to time! “Very informative! I’m bookmarking your site!” or “I’ll use this info for my term paper!” 😛

  7. lolssssssssssssss


    now i am wondering if he even read ma post eeerrrr

  8. What happened btw? 😛

    And that’s true, we should learn to keep ourselves (and others) happy =) And thankfully I’m a happy person =) Loadsa thanks =)

  9. Dinky i am glad u r a happy camper…. :p

  10. life is just toooooo short and tooo sweet!
    the sour is just in between like chilli!
    comes and goes!

  11. true ..
    but its more important that you realized it before it gets too late …:)
    so now. strat living happliy and try to keep others happy too…:D
    btw.. i need pwd for protected posts

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