Posted by: YWB | May 29, 2009

Ceramic II

So after giving my vase a shape and engraving some design, i took it to my university and fired it. It took me two days to finish firing the vase and then I used black slip to make my design appear. It looked very messy and ugly because all the teeny tiny scratches that I had on the clay was standing out because of the black slip.

So here is my vase in its 2nd stage.  Those light black lines are made by black slip and the dark thick black lines are made by smooch tap Konfused no i think its called scotch tap or pin tap or something.

Now is the toughest part, painting the vase. Again the paint is a bit different, i have to use slips again to paint it and you can’t exactly tell what colour it is gona turn out until you fire again. So far i have done 2 sides with 1 colour.






Later Days  Phatima1



  1. looks nice now 🙂

    and SMOOCH tape, are you serious? :s

  2. thanksssssssssssssssss

    hhmmm *smack* ofcourse NOT

  3. f**king love it!

  4. y thank u 😀

  5. This is a vase? Ahhh! This is a vase!! Looks right out of a mathematicians dream! 😉

  6. Its looking so fantastic now i thought its completed now:$
    superb job Yesterday …(Y)

  7. do u like it absar….?? i was thinking of sending this for ur birthday :/

    thx Ash …. no its not done yet… i am still working on it…

  8. Wow. This is so awesome-ish!!!!!

  9. *coughs*


  10. rofl


  11. It’d be better than sending me nothing 😛

    No, jokes aside, actually it’s pretty cool! I like the vanishing point thing!

  12. thankssssss……

    i just hope colours turn out gud after firing ….

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