Posted by: YWB | June 2, 2009

major cleaning!

Mom and dad went to pakistan last month and in two hours we are going to the airport to pick them up. I came home from work around 4:30pm, had to clean the house and prepare lunch.  I went to my room to change and pray but when i went there i passed out. I woke up around 6 by a phone call. I was still tired and didnt wanted to get up but dragged myself out of the bed. I dont know why lately i am feeling extremly tired.  I made chickpeas palahu with raita and went outside to water the plant and wanted to relax for a bit before i could start the deep cleaning of the house.

I came inside the house and started cleaning the living room, then hallway, washrooms, family room, bedrooms and by the time i got to my room i was  extremly tired and exhuasted so i just left it as it is….. now i am looking around, its not that messy, just couple of things on the chairs and the vase sitting in the corner with all the tools and paint. okay fine it is a bit messy but i have no energy left in me to get up and clean it. Maybe tommorow.



  1. wow!
    i havent done that in a very long time.
    wonder what teh feelin is like anymore!

  2. :O some effort, so in two hours u made a pulao and cleaned up ur place :O?? nicee

  3. AD: lolsss the feelings r really gud…. i did it cuz mom is coming and she hate mess 😦

    saadie… not in 2hrs :S i finished around 10:30pm

    alhumdolilah he is gud …

  4. now who’s the maaaasi here 😛

  5. I really enjoy cleaning my place when there’s not a single person home! My silly brothers keep on hopping around the whole house and this irritates me like anything 😦 *sighs* lil bros!

    Oh, and chickpea pulao with raita sounds yummy. =)

  6. but after all that you still had energy to sit in front of the screen nd type in all this ?! 😀

  7. Palahu. See what we mean Zenia?

  8. lol lol @ absar


    ROFL ..

  9. you are such a good, good girl

  10. Absar, shukar karein ke raita theek tha 😛

  11. Uski spelling theek thi – yaani yaqeenan raitay mein kuch garbar ho gi phir! 😛

  12. lol. Ye bhee achi logic rahi 😛

  13. so is it done now?

  14. Asma: ofcourse you are 😛

    Absar & DM: palahu ko palahu nahi kahon gi tu aur keya kahon gi…………. :S

    haad hai ! ! !

    na palahu main garbar ti na raitay main ….

    Zios yeh i am done …. 🙂

    Raniyas: 😛 thx… jst like u

  15. bent e hawa aka zenia .. how do write “palahu” in urdu 😉

    Does it rhyme with Allah Huu?

  16. I just wanted to say something that’s not really relevant here, but since I can’t on that particular persons blog, since the last time I almost got banned from wordpress for doing that.. I’ll do it here. Zios, if you are reading this.. your stories on your blog are so fake, and I am saying htis as a friend here, and I did it back then too. They are so bollywood’ish that it makes me nauseous! Seriously, stop writing fake stories that no sane person would believe, either start writing some stories that are more interesting or make more sense or leave the story writing altogether. Just a friendly advice.

  17. Rofl-ing @ Asma’s comment 😀

  18. LOL @ ALLAH HOO! 😛

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