Posted by: YWB | June 4, 2009

4th June ! ! ! !

I wonder why we human beings have our memories attached with dates?

Why is it so hard to forget dates?

Am i ever gona forget this date? probably not!

Am i ever gona let go of all the memories attached with this date? maybe never!



  1. Dates are living memories sometimes =(

  2. Some dates are painful, and some are very nice. That’s how life goes =)

  3. I too tend to remember dates associated with good or bad memories.

  4. my whole calender is filled with such dates……gawd..need to tear it up and develop some new system

  5. What happened on 4th June? A friend of mine was born on 4th June, so it’s pretty traumatic for me.. :s

    Cheer up sweetheart, things get better with time. Or the bad stops mattering that much as we go on 🙂

  6. n its sweetheart now 😛

  7. 11th june’s gonna end now too :/

  8. and we claim sanity..of all beings we r the most sane , eh ?

  9. Dates!!! Gosh… they are not just numbers.. they have a whole timeline that follows them!!


  10. Asma – insaan bano 😛

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