Posted by: YWB | June 15, 2009


1:39am … and i have to get up in about 4hrs

i think i should go on sleeping pills …. seriously ! ! !



  1. I feel more sleep deprived if I eat sleeping pills. :~/
    Once had them cuz I hadn’t slept for 3 straight days!
    I’d advise you to drink a big mug of warm milk and you’d have the best sleep of your life! Go, try it!

  2. bechari sleeping pills 😛

  3. bechari sleeeping pills.

    ps: mubarak ho tumhara blog bhi kha gaya mera comment check akismet

  4. I’d also recommend a warm shower and hot milk, that usually does the trick or if that shouldn’t work, try sedatives, but pick sedatives as last resort..

  5. kahan gayi?

  6. hi Friends:
    i celebrate my birthday in different style plz visite my blog and leve some coments for me. thanx

  7. Yeh kahan gai… kahin zyada sleeping pills to nahi kha li thien?

    *thinking* Nahi… hamari aisi qismat kahaan… 😛

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