Posted by: YWB | June 21, 2009

Flowerpots for sale

Dushmanoon ka dil jalanay kay leya i am back 😀

painted these flower pots today ……..









  1. niceee 😀

  2. Very nice! You’ve done a great job. My favorite (if I had to pick just one) would be the black one.

  3. Awww, these are soo nice =)

  4. oh wow the black one and the one with dessert looks the best .. good job 🙂

  5. thankssss…………. and the funny thing is these are the only ones took an hr

    the other one took me 2days *smack*

  6. I like the one which nobody likes 😛 It is so neat and I like the blending =)

  7. yehi kaam shuru kerdo

  8. DM: thxxx yeh after every coat i had to wait for it to dry completly …. and the blending was hard too

    Tauqeer: company ka name keya hona chaheya ??

  9. “Gamla from Kamla”


  10. hhmmmmmmmmmm

    gamla from kamla

    thats so catchy…… 😛 okay done….

    now give me some money to start ma business 😛

  11. No seriously, I don’t work for a bank or sumthin..

  12. i was in CERAMICS once upon atime!

  13. i love the one having that desert…

  14. Eh. Uh… this is…
    Uh.. kis ka dil jala rahi ho exactly?


  15. Cactus one’s best!

  16. Whoa! Nice. I like all of them.

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