Posted by: YWB | July 4, 2009











  1. Ok love the details which you have given to this mug!!

    i was planning to make such things as well (obviously not the girl :p)

  2. where did my comment go :s

  3. That’s very beautiful!

  4. waa waa woooooooooom!

  5. Thanks Nadia and AD 🙂

  6. Aho nice hi hai 😎

  7. Kis ke sar pe phor rahi ho jo itni taadaad mein sirf gamlay hi gamlay ban rahay hein?
    Ya koi phool denay wala mil gaya hai? 😉

  8. Tauqeer: acha nahi bohat hi zeyada acha…. ensan saab kuch ho jaye baas kanjoos na ho :s

    Absar: could bi for ur head 😉 phool bohat hain i dont need no dehnay wala… but yeh if u wana give i wont refuse ya 😉

  9. Looks awesome!

  10. thxxxx Qurrat 😛

    Ubaid: thx for visiting ma blog… ur comment was in spam for some odd reason :S

    anyways u might like these ones too … flower pots 😉 but i guess yeh it does look lik mug 😛 hehehe

  11. I would totally hire you for a gardener!

  12. baal hain kay shakhein …. zeeeeeeeeeeeeee you’re becoming creative n creative masha Allah 🙂 this onez awesome .. r u coming to jalsa bring a gamla for me 😀

    ps: lolz @ dehnay wala ;P

  13. looks great!

  14. V: how much u think ull pay me 😉 i dont mind working for u as long as its gud money 😉

    Asma: stick around for more stuff 😉
    no i aint coming for jalsa 😦 wish i could though

    Full Moon: thxxx come bck again

  15. *metaphorical rose* Here! 🙂

    Lol @ Asma! I had to muffle my laughter at work 😛

  16. I guess your blog doesn’t like me thats why it sent me to spam :p . . . Lol it looked like a mug to me . . . .

  17. lolsss

    i am sovvyyy 😦 i told him (yeh its her *snooty* ) i told him to behave nxt time…

    see its behaving now 😛

    its a gamlaahhhhh

    hayee o rabaa

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