Posted by: YWB | July 6, 2009

Interior designing!

I wrote a big post but it disappeared and i am so tired, i cant type again all the stuff that i wrote…. will do that nxt time. Mean while here is some stuff i wanted to share. I finished with interior designing of my sister’s room so thought i should share some snap shots.

PS: sorry for bad quality of the pics! There just wasnt enough light 😦

BEFORE ( had some diff ideas in my head and was working on that but my sister didnt liked it)




AFTER ( i made the canopy and curtains, couldnt find nice and stylish canopy and curtains in tarquize colour as my sister is crazy about tarquize colour. So i had to go all tarquize in her room, for me its a bit too much but she loves it. )











  1. Do you see something wrong with the curtain rod, or am I seeing things..

  2. yep i see dat 😦 and was shocked to see it…

    ma sis’s cat thinks i hung those curtains for her so she can play wid 😦

  3. looks like a honeymoon suite 😛

    I like the before part a tad better .. that decorative stuff beg=hind the bed looks so chic .. but oh yes the canopy has its own charm 🙂

    You are hired 😀

    ps: see the post may be saved in drafts .. it always does 🙂

  4. COOOOOOL!!!!! Pakistan kab arahi ho? I need to get some interior work done for cheap… 😛

    Seriously, that’s some really cool stuff! I love it! 😀

  5. Looks amazing!

    I am impressed :/

  6. I like the colour scheming! I am soon getting my own room as well but still pondering over colours!

    Looks really nice.

  7. good good good 🙂

  8. lady, you’ve got some talent.. wooohooooo!

  9. thx everyone 🙂

    and thx for offering me jobs 😉 jst dont forget… i’ll use this offer in rainy days muaahahaa

  10. wow… i m truly oogling!

  11. Whoa, niiicee!!!

  12. that is just soooo pretty!

  13. thankss Leena …

    and thnx for visiting ma blog 🙂

  14. Nice but i agree with asma it looks like a honeymoon sweet . . . . Chalo i’ll not hire you . . . . You can do my honay wali wife’s(which i still have to find by the way) room for free so next time i go to her place i don’t see her boring room instead i see something extremely romantic :p

  15. :S

    meri keya fault hai… ma sis was wid me all da time telling me wat to buy n wat not to buy….
    i think canopy is giving it the honeymoon look…. 😛

    well sure…. let me know when u find her 😉

    oh btw …. i do accept advance payments 😛

  16. First of all, thanks so much for visiting my blog 🙂

    Coming to your post, awesome wouldn’t do justice to it. It’s darn good. I am going to copy some of the ideas from here 😛 haha

  17. You’re talented! …and Gawd..that room is so K-lean =0 ..thanks for visinting my blog btw.

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