Posted by: YWB | July 11, 2009

:P special gift

In the evening I was sitting with my family on the deck in the backyard. Enjoyed tiramisu cake and green tea with my family. We were sitting there chit chatting, dad gave me Nokia e71 😀 and mom promised me that she gona pay for my dslr camera that I am planning to buy.

We all were having our dinner, enjoying mom’s hand made biryani. Foxy (my billi) saw everyone giving me gifts, she felt so bad that she ran to the backyard and stood there for a while staring at something, I was watching her constantly when I saw her attacking something and when she came out of the bushes I saw something in her mouth…. It was a mouse…….  A freaking black fat mouse…..

I screamed like hell, mom grab her but she wouldn’t let go of the mouse, when finally she did, mouse ran back into the bushes.

After that she was so naraz and kept meowing so I could let her go out again. She was running to the window and back to the door.



  1. and she didnt kill the mouse just grabbed it?

    Euuu you’ve a killer cat at your home .. BEWARE!

  2. no she didnt… well was planning to but i saw her….

    uuuffff i always thought she is ma masoom si chootii si kitten :S

    she is evil !

  3. Show some gratitude….she thought of giving you a gift …a real fresh KILL…

  4. yeh yeh :S

    and i didnt finish ma dinner after dat

  5. LOL! Evil cat eh!

    and oh you’re planning to get a DSLR? Niiiiiiiice!

    I SO want it, I don’t know when I am going to get it.

  6. yepp i am…. by wednesday i hope 😀

    i can give u ma point n shoot camera 😉


  7. she forced you to do some dieting 😛

  8. Awww, that’s so nice =)
    I want a cat too =$ tameez-daar, achay khaandaan ki 😛
    And I want a dslr too =$

  9. My billa used to play with mice, not kill them. Pick ’em up, smash them here, then there. 😀

  10. This is very funny actually 😛 I personally don’t like cats :S

  11. Ahh, this wednesday? That’s so cool man!

    take some shots and post them 😀

  12. Aray! The cat was trying to get you a gift too! 😉

  13. lol… so you were lucky enough to have a mouse :p

    by the way ainay saray gift kyun milay aap ko gee ??

    and by the way you have been blogrolled 😀

  14. asma yeh i am on a diet….. its called Sweet Diet…most of da things should contain sugar 😉

    i have a tameez dar billi (zola) bari wali bohat sareef hai …
    and i got dslr 😉

    Senilius i think that was her mission too …. but too bad i saw her before she could do some action :p

  15. Komal trust me i use to HATE cats…. i would not go near them…. n now ma billi n me share a same room 😛

    huda upon ur request i have done some shoting 🙂

    absar haan mager tum ko sharam phir bi nahi aye na…. u didnt give me anything 😦

    Ubaid thx for adding me in blogroll 😛 as for ainay saray gift …. i have been a very farmabardar behtii 😉 hehehehe dont ask mom … she never gona agree wid me 😉

  16. ARAY? I gave you a rose the other day, remember? 😛

  17. cats suck! 😛

  18. oh THE ROSE ….. that was fake ullloooo
    u r so cheap absar…. fake flowers bantana band karooo

    Farooq etna moon bahr kay batanay ki zarorat nahi hai … pata chaal geya hai 😦

    welcome to ma blog 😀

  19. First off, congrats on the DSLR. God knows when I am going to get one. My point and shoot is good enough for now though.

    And even if the cat killed a poor mouse, at least she was considerable enough to think of giving something to you. 😛 Mouse or not 😛

    PS: I am jealous you got the camera. I am jealous of everyone possessing a DSLR in that case…

  20. And post the shots here! Or make a flickr or deviant art account!

    Btw, what company?


  21. hehehe QA

    dont b jealous gal 😉 i’ll give u this one after 6yrs 😉

    hows that ?

  22. qurrat dont be jealous .. i dont have any dslr either =(

  23. Asma: we’re good with out point and shoots. Who needs a DSLR anyways.


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