Posted by: YWB | July 20, 2009

weekend !

So yesterday my cousin got married. All my cousins, khala and uncle from pakistan went to uk for the wedding but our family couldnt go. Mom and dad just came from pakistan last month so they couldn’t go and my sister and brother are busy with university so mom and dad asked me i am asking for a break for so long so i can go to uk and attend the wedding. Well i wanted to go but that would mean i have to meet “these” people who i dont want to plus i am not ready to face anyone’s ‘interogation sessions’ so i told khala i cant get time off from work.

Anyways so my cousin is married to her cousin, who is not only good looking  and well educated but also very decent masallah. I am friends with his sisters and they are all masallah very sweet.  This was 3rd wedding in our family, next is another cousin’s wedding. He is getting married after ramadan insallah. After him probably his two sisters, who are already engaged.

Yesterday i went to the beach, i got lost so by the time i got there it was around 9:30 so i missed all the beautiful colours.











ADSC_0340fter that i sat there and enjoyed WR’s famous fish and chips, got home around 12ish. On my way home i met this police officer but i told her i am getting late so i’ll talk to her later 😉 .



  1. I don’t why I’m scared of marriage. *shrugs*

    You still managed to capture beautiful hues (: Amazing pics. I love fish and chips too =P

  2. nice photos 🙂

  3. My favorite would be the last picture. Great shots!

  4. komal: dont b scared ….. u can only b successfull if u go into marriage wid as lil expectations as possible 🙂

    Cavaliere: thx 🙂

    Nadia: Thx…..this one i took in pitch dark around 10:30 😉

  5. Shadi season…

    and nice pics.

  6. You’re an awful photographer! 😛

    Kidding kidding…. haavan dasta rakh do waapis neechay.

    And don’t ask me what a haavan dasta is 😛

  7. are you on flickr ?

  8. tauqeer 😛 …. i told ya ….u r nxt lol

    Absar: aaawww thanku now tell me how i should improve it n wat made dese bad photos??? 🙂
    Wesaa i do know wat hawan dasta is …. Meri urdu tum say zeyada balkay bohaaaat achi hai thankuverymuch

    Ubaid: yeh i jst signd up…. Will upload photos soon n share da link

  9. Wooohooooo you finally took pics 😛

    I loveeeeeeeee the shots .. The skyline looks beautiful. Man you should have been there earlier .. and take shots of sunset. Ahhh, the result of your camera is EXCELLENT! Masha’Allah

    I love Photography =(

  10. I am in LOVE with the last 2 pictures.

  11. thanks Full Moon and Qa….. 🙂

  12. come back later as well.


  13. who r u talking to tauqeer :S

  14. lol

  15. Last shot is good!

    So, when are you getting married? 😛

  16. NEVER……

  17. do give me the link when you do it 🙂

    by the way i do a little bit photography too but i usually upload them on flickr or here:

  18. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  19. The first picture is simply breathtaking!

  20. Beauty ^^

  21. i want to see some wedding pics 😦

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