Posted by: YWB | July 24, 2009


Free donuts for whoever gona disagree with my statment.

 I had to edit it and make it bold for all you people *snooty*




  1. buhahah mujhey toh nahi lagti :p

  2. gudd dunuts on ur way

  3. hi, just get connected through ubee’s blog, and guess wat?..its unbeliveable i hav read out all ur blogs since 18th nov 06 to till date !! :).. keep blogging

  4. I have NO clue ;D I’m a new reader ;$

  5. your SPELLINGS are beyond HILARIOUS! No offense :$ but yea :$

    Every time I read it, I crack up :$

    aur jo option mujhe chahiyay woh hai he nahi, so I can’t even VOTE =P

  6. Z: wow i got a fan woooohhhooooo
    keep coming bck 😉

    Komal i would take that a no 😉 gud gal.. u get free donuts too

    and Huda: i know u r forced to say dis by ma dushman …. dont worry gal i hear ur heart saying no ur urdu is fine
    so its all gud 😉

  7. I concur with Huda 😛

    Bara he biased poll tha 😛

  8. Laiken “karab” kia hota hai? :$

  9. dinky biased kahan hai poll :S
    i gave u 3 options…. thats enough i think

    tauqeer kabhi urdu class main pay attention kea hota tu pata calta na
    karab ka matlab hota hai bura opposite of acha


  10. Oh u mean ‘kharab’……oh i see

  11. come on guys…. voteeeee


  12. So, I am going to try fixing it :$

    “Aap main se kitnay logon ko meri urdu KHARAB lagti hai ? ” =P

    > Mujhai tu nahi lagti 😉
    > Itni zabardast tu hai :$
    > It’s pefect, loag aap ki urdu se Jealous hain =P

    The english part was absolutely fine 😉

    don’t kill me NOW 😉

  13. The spellingss



  14. Lol @ “tauqeer kabhi urdu class main *pay attention kea hota* tu pata *calta* na” 😛

    Btw, aap ka kia grade aya tha urdu class mein? 😛 And by that, I don’t mean the grade/marks in junior classes 😛

  15. When you can say “Acha” instead of Acca or Aca, why can’t you say “Kharab” instead of karab? 😛

    Karab sounds like a distorted, insipid crab 😛

    Quoting Huda’s words, “Don’t kill me NOW” 😛

  16. Acha Acha
    Buhat ho gaya bas :$

    Don’t make My Bent-E-Hawa feel so bad :$

    itni bhi buri nahi hai urdu uski :$

    Samjhh aa jati hai na, kaafi hai =P

  17. only ubaid, z and komal getting 1 yr free supply of dunuts ……………………………………

    baas keh deya main nay …

    QA: perfect spells hai na 😉

    Dinky: i had urdu till grade 6 and ma teacher loved it *KOOL*
    now i teach urdu 😉

    thx huda for fixing it …. *snooty* dinky exactly samaj aa jati hai na baas kafi hai ….

    now i have to do something to prove u guys ma urdu is awsome … dehkna tum loog

  18. Z :s you read my blog ? :s

  19. *thinking*

    i thought u would know her….. :O

  20. i think he or she must be a silent reader…. i don’t know about it :s

  21. OMG teach urdu ?:O

  22. The only option was ” mujhay tou nahin lagtee”…thats not fair 😀 😛

  23. lol… I didn’t know what to vote for 😛 😛
    The Urdu on your header, however, is quite impressive (;

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