Posted by: YWB | July 25, 2009

It came as a surperise when my boss asked me what i think about plant auditor’s position, as i have mentioned my interest in the past.

3rd promotion within a year, i am being promoted to plant auditor, i am moving into my new office after a week. Its much nicer and has an amazing view.

Someone once shared this quote with me; “The best revenge is massive success.” But when I think about it, what is the point if that paticular person never going to find out about your success.

Where is the revenge than?



  1. Congrats on your promotion 🙂


  3. oho congrats 😀

  4. Congrats!


  5. Mabrook and haan it doesn’t matter if ‘someone’ gets to know about your success or not, it should be for much of your personal satisfaction rather than tactic to take revenge 😉

  6. Mubarak ho 😉

  7. YAYYYYYYYYY!!! (:

    Congratulations! It’s a call for CELEBRATIONS!

    Where is my donut, madam? =P

    Best of luck and success is more for you and not for some revenge. ENJOY! =D

  8. Good for you :). Congrats!

  9. Forget about revenge sweetheart 🙂 Just enjoy your new office that doesn’t have air conditioning problems 😉
    Lots of prayers for you! 🙂

  10. yeh that new office doesnt have AC problem but i am stuck wid ma boss :S and two chineses :S

  11. Oh I have a Chinese colleague too! She speaks a mix of Chinese/English/Dutch…. so count your blessings! 😛

  12. yepppyyyy chinese colleagues.. 1 nahi 2 wow i am so luckyy totally blessed and on top of that my boss gona b in da same rome yehhhhh awsome awsome

    :S sureeeee

  13. WOW…mashAllah!
    so now you will water that plant???

  14. Wow… congratulations (:
    Btw auditing is never the sorta job I’d like to do 😛 😛
    And hey… that’s a silent revenge (; Stop caring… Start living… and someday, somehow, that person would know.

  15. Waah jee waah mubarkain … and what matters the most is if u r happy with ur success and u r going in positive direction … revenge humara shewaa nahin 🙂

  16. It feels as if the ‘someone’ for whom all of these efforts r being made is unaware of the ground realities. But at a certain point when u look back u will figure out that there have been points in life where u feel there was an eye looking at you from a corner but it just skipped ur mind at that spot.

    Good luck with all the promotions and goodie bags u get in ur coming life InshAllah 🙂

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