Posted by: YWB | July 28, 2009

Sometimes you just want to be all alone, just isolated from rest of the world. I worked till 12 and couldnt continue so i talked to the manager and left. I just got off the bus in the middle of no where. It was really a middle of no where, there was no body in the park, well who in their right mind would come to a park in a boiling hot afternoon.  I became so numb, i couldnt feel the heat. I called home and told them, i am busy at work so i’ll be late. 

I sat under a tree for literally for three hours. I tried to figure out my life but i couldn’t it is so tangled up, i dont know where to start to untangle it.  Even after going through so much, i never thought this could also happen to me but nahi everything is possible in this world.



  1. You reminded of the times I used to sit in a graveyard near my place.

    Don’t try to untangle anything. Just.. let it be. Don’t solve… just live! 🙂 And inshAllah.. inshAllah it will all start going uphill 🙂 My deepest, sincerest prayers Z!

  2. prayers thats the only thing i can ever ask for…..

    thanks absar

  3. You’re always welcome sweetheart 🙂

  4. Everything will be alright 🙂

    My prayers are with you.

  5. It’ll be all good. Just hold on and don’t think too much. I’ll pray for you.

  6. I’ll lead the prayers! 😛

  7. acchay aur buray din…kuch bhi hamesha nahin rehta
    Things will get better inshAllah!

  8. hmmm

  9. Keep the spirits high! It’ll All turn out to be fine. Inshallah.

    Bunch of prayers your way..


  10. lol at the tags.. Adulthood Life Downhill.. Says it all!..

    No point untangling this web of life.. U’ll just end up gettin even more wrapped up in it..

  11. Things would be fine (inshAllah)…

  12. Aaawww… I wish you best of luck. I truly hope you’d soon resolve your problematic issues.
    Btw I’m totally in love with your header (:

  13. I feel kind of restless, as if I should be out doing something right now. Maybe I’ll go for a long walk and see where I end up. I could definitely use the time alone to clear my head.

    I hope we all get to solve the rumbles and grumbles within us!

  14. things will be fine, soon – as hackneyed as it may sound, it’s all that’s true !

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