Posted by: YWB | August 18, 2009

Rear View Mirror II

Typical very very typical, infact even worse than typical.






  1. haan waqayi

  2. haan asma

  3. Word of the Day


    If you are grieving a loss, take the time to grieve. I’ve come to figure out there is no time limitation on such things. Sometimes grief can take a while; in my case, it often comes in waves. Time may not necessarily make it easier, but it does make you stronger. Another thing that I’ve come to realize is that it is okay to cry every now and then. It is okay to scream into the air or write pages of anger. We all have our own ways of dealing with loss; and much like fingerprints, no two ways are quite the same.

  4. =(

  5. Hain?

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