Posted by: YWB | August 21, 2009

sad news

dangggg…… broke ma nail today 😦

huh now i have only 30 days to grow it back ……

Eid in 30 days



  1. hahaha… *sorry* …. am laughing like anything *sorry* :$

  2. ROFL .. girls and their teeny weeny problems 😛

    Ah well .. I’m one too but without thenail and all that trouble.

    30 days a good time to grown a good one and whats going to happen in 30 days … huh huh huh .. bolo bolo bolo ?

  3. How did it break?

  4. hahahahahahaha!

    I find that very funny, sorry =$ 😛

  5. ubaiddddddd :S
    stop laughing dill mudah ho jata hai zeyada hansanay say

    asma 30days for Eid *smacking ma head* dont u even know Eid is coming

    Nadia : no clue …. when i luked it was already half broken…. 😦

    huda .. its not funny … u gona brk ur nail than i am gona ask ya if u find it funny or not…….

    ayee mera nail 😦
    its not even growing

  6. Ooh broken nail! You must be looking HIDEOUS! 😛

    And btw, you’re tagged!

  7. uppar ka password do 😛

  8. jee nahi absar….. I cut all ma nails 😦

    Asma check ur email

  9. whaoooo 30 days!
    that is some deadline!

  10. AD not really its been a week and ma nails r still the same lenght 😦

  11. make sure you water it every day and use ffc sona urea 🙂 it’ll be a new as nail!

  12. lolssssssssssss IP

    its not growing even an inch 😦

  13. UPDATE

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