Posted by: YWB | September 5, 2009

Trade places…Anyone?

I am going back to university on Tuesday, first I thought I am going to quit my job and only concentrate on my studies and finish it up asap. But after getting promotion, I changed my mind. Right now I am working full time and full load this semester, I am just going to work around my class timings. I have already given my new working hour schedule and discussed it with my manager. She was in a good mood so she approved it right away.

I volunteer in mosque, and teach basic religious knowledge things to young girls age group of 7-15m, we call them Nasirat. There are three groups within them, 7-10, 11-13 and 14-15 years old girls’ group. Last few months I was busy preparing them for local and than regional ijtema competitions and masallah all three of them who were selected for regional ijtema had first and second positions in all the competitions. Now they are selected for national ijtema competition which is held in Toronto. Right after ijtema competition, I was busy helping them with their media presentations which was due in the beginning of September. Last week when I called everyone to ask them to submit their projects, I was very disappointed to know that elder group didn’t even start. So last few weeks I was helping them finish their presentation. I still have to edit the video before mailing everything off to Toronto but I just don’t get time. So I emailed national secretary of Nasirat asking for one week extension, I haven’t heard from her. In October, these Nasirat have their final exam so I need to prepare them for that as well. I have to make exam review sheets for all three groups. Beside this I have work everyday and now on top of everything I have school 4 days a week. On Monday and Tuesday I have classes in the morning till afternoon and right after I finish my class I’ll be off to work and wont be back till 11pm. And rest of the week I have classes in the evening so I’ll be working in the morning and right after work, I’ll be off to university and my last class will finish at 10pm. I have been planning on reading first few chapters for marketing and statistic so even when I am really busy I don’t fall behind in my readings. But I am still on third page of marketing since last week :S. I was forced into a competition where you had to either know 3 parts of holy Quran with translation or read 5 books. I chose 2nd option and thought its not going to be hard and I choose the smallest books from the list but I haven’t even started on that. I have to read all 5 books and write a page summary on each book.

Along with all this here is few more things that needs to be done.

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep little bit more.
  • Go for shopping….Every weekend I have been putting this off to next weekend
  • Clean my closet ….every time I open my closet I feel so stressed out because of my over stuffed walk-in closet in which u cant even step in yet alone walk in there…for some reason everything I have there seem so important that I cant/don’t want to put in the garage.
  • Complete monthly report for Nasirat and send it to Toronto.
  • Upgrade Nasirat list for this year.
  • Have to get ready for this month’s hike which is in 15 days.
  • Have to go to the other side of the city to meet a friend and that requires one whole day off from everything. She is flying on 10th of September (hopefully I go and meet her before 10th and NOT after 10th)
  • I completely forgot to book 18th Sept off from work now I have to do it on Tuesday.
  • Go to khala’s place for couple of times and spend time with my cousin before she fly back to UK on 11th Sept. (yeh it’s in my to-do list too cause its more like a chore).

Beside everything else I have been making sehris and aftaris for everyone plus helping around the house because mom not really feeling good so I wanted to give her rest.

Now the big question. Who wants to trade their life with me?



  1. Oh, your Uni is starting too! 😦 Everyone will be busy I guess 😦 Best of luck!

    And yo! Can’t you come to Toronto with the girls? 😮 .. Please please! 😮

  2. mara i have ma uni and wrk….. 😦
    cant take time off

  3. chalo shabash kaam karo itni lambi posts na likho 😛

  4. *and remember its ramadhan*

    A reminder .. 😉 Some prayers and ibadah ❤

  5. Shukr kro asma ney pora lecture nae diya :p

    And at the moment i love my life… When i’ll be having fml moments then i would love to change it with you 🙂

  6. P.s the post was too long :p

  7. @ ubaid : *look who’s talking* ;P

  8. yep asma i am praying lets see if it get answered or not …

    ubaid yeh luk who’s talkin…

    wen i dont update everyone complains n wen i do update u guys still complain

    hayee ooo rabba main keray pasay jawaan
    main maanji kehtay dawaan

  9. Mera bhi wohi comment hai jo Asma ji nai kaha…

  10. Tauqeer “luk who’s talking wala”
    haan sahi kaha hai asma nay

  11. 😛

  12. blah blah blah crap. blah blah…

  13. chup vvvvvv

    I cant believe i call u guys ma frd

  14. Oh wow, you are so screwed! 😛

  15. aaaaawwww really
    sachi ?
    aaww agar aap na batate tu muje kahan pata chalta 😦

    *smacking ma head*

    luk @ da smile ……

  16. LOL, good luck girl! 😛

  17. yesterday was certainly better, and you would’nt wannoo trade life with me , no comments why, and yes yesterday was defeinetly better,

  18. wow… that tough eh.
    no no i m really ok in my life 😀

  19. Nah..I don’t want to trade places..I would be bored doing only half of what I normally do 😛 😀

  20. Wonderful Space. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and totally loved the pictures you post. This blog of yours reminded me of something that I wrote back in April. It’s in roman urdu. If u can read it, may be you’ll understand…

    Life 4 Rent
    Subah muskurahaton k baghair shoro nahin hoti aur raat hai k aansoun k bina khatam nahi hoti. Jahan mosam ki khush’gawari se chehre per muskurahat phail jati hai wahin logon ki ganwari se poore din ki khushiyon per paani phir jaata hai.

    Kabhi kabhi main sochti hon k agar hum apni zindagi kisi porani cycle ya nayi movie ki terhan kiraye per dete to kaise hota? Agar mairi zindagi koi aur larka/larki jeye aur main uski? Agar woh maire rang dekhe aur main uske? Woh maire doston main uthe bethe aur main uske? I think anyone would kill for my Almost-Perfect-Life.

    Magar sawal yeh hai k main kis ki zindagi kiraye per laiti?

    Sabhi k rang kabhi na kabhi bikharte hi hain…


    P.S. I’ve added a link to your blogs into my msn space. Hope that’s okay with you 🙂

    Keep Writing!

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