Posted by: YWB | September 24, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Tagedddd and now i tag all of you who are going to read this. *evil grin*

1. What are you wearing for Eid? For girls: What color is it?

I wanted to wear a really nice light pink and blue with silver work  dress but I wore a black dress with gold n mirror work….  😦

2. How do you intend to spend chand raat? Whats the usual norm?

As I am little late in posting this tag, I’ll change the question into what you actually did  😉

Half of the chand raat was spent in the mosque because there was a dua. There were few chaand raat melas so we went to one and met all old friends there :p I came home around 11ish, and few family friends and my friends came over with families and rest of the night we had loads of fun. This one friend couldn’t come so we kept calling her and telling her how much fun we are having. I finished putting mehndi on all my friends and their moms’ hand by 2am. I was so drained out when I finished with all of them, I didn’t put mehndi on my hands.

This is what we always do, one of the friend will have chand raat at her house and we all will be there.

3. How do you spend Eid? Go for namaaz or sleep late?

Usually we go for Eid namaaz before 10am and come home around 12. After coming home from mosque, mom and aunty start preparing lunch and sometimes me and my sisters and cousin help them. In the evening we visit friends.

This year one of my cousin got married few months ago and now she is in UK, and my uncle went to Pakistan to meet his dad, and my other cousin couldn’t come home from Toronto because his semester already started before Eid.

So as usual, dad woke us up and everyone started getting ready. My sister who lives next door came over to get ready with us. 😛 Dad as usual kept telling us how much time we have to finish up our teyariyan 😉  We came home from mosque, and dad’s friend followed him so dad got busy with him. While mom and aunty was preparing lunch, our bro in law took us to this place where there are 100 flavors of ice cream :p

When we came home, mom told us to pack lunch because we are going to Stanley park. Its hour and a half drive from where we live but is a very beautiful place.  We came home around 6pm, I had to do my assignment so I locked myself in my room and started studying while my sister was having fun with her friend who were over. At around 10, I was at Dairy Queen with my notes and text book and working on my assignment while my friends were enjoying ice cream and chit chatting. That’s how I spent my Eid day.

4. What’s the menu on Eid?

It was usual stuff, Biryani, Chicken karahi with naan, roast, fried fish, Russian and Potato salads, raas malahi and saweeyan.

Eid Mubarak copy






  1. Nice dress!

  2. yeah..nice jorra and chooriyan.. achi bhali to thie..aise hi complain kernay ka shok hai 😎 :$

  3. kon?:S

  4. Aww the eid sounded interesting!

    And amazing bokeh.

    nice kapray.

  5. Awwww! The candles pictureeee? 😮
    Beautiful I must say! 😀

    And oh this is the one you were about get arrested for, right? 😛


    Belated Eid Mubarak 😉

  6. Pink is hot, black is even hotter! 😀

    And why does your bro in law have 100 flavors of ice cream at his place? Address batao yaar!

  7. Sen not his place…. this place where they have 100 diff flavors

  8. Oh sorry, missed out on the t. 😀

  9. lolssss

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