Posted by: YWB | September 29, 2009

why i am not studying :S

Why is it when you have a mid term exam, you want to clean your room, help mom in the kitchen, clean the garage, do laundry, go for grocery with dad or update blog but study ………



  1. lol… i know what you mean by this :p

  2. I do the same =$

  3. Replace with playing games, facebooking, tweeting, tv, movies, songs and sleeping in my case. 😉

  4. Hahahahaa!

    It’s different with me .. I’ll go outta my room, drink water when I am not even thirsty .. spend 20 mins in the living room, walk around for no reason .. then someone has to remind me to go back to my room and continue studying! 😮

    Best of luck Jaan-e-man 😉

  5. hehe…i think we all can relate to this.

  6. Oh.
    For me it’s almost the same.

    Add sleeping to it though. LONG extensive hours of sleep.

    All the best 😉

  7. aah the good old days…that brought back some university memories…. hehe…

    wonderfully u can do well without studying also… ask for a miracle… unseen help and see how it comes..

    I used ghaibi taqat many times… 🙂 all the best…

  8. Lol. That’s because exams are an unnatural occasion in the natural life of a being and hence they don’t fit in correctly – and therefore, they shouldn’t be at all 😛

  9. i wonder what exams were like 😛

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