Posted by: YWB | October 4, 2009

flick flick flickr :P

Your Honest and Blunt Critic is required to help me to improve!



  1. Nice pic, but the babe is too fat! 😛

  2. And too old! 😀

  3. is dat ur blunt n honest critic *smacking ma head

    Well she is Old rose *read da caption* after jack died she stoppd working out hence da weight isse 😉

  4. Aah, didn’t read the caption. 😛

    Khair, no worries, I’ve already seen it all in Titanic. 😛

  5. How can winning the ticket be the best thing when he died in the end??? 😛

  6. SHA….are we discussing my photograph or the movie

    *hayee oo rabba main keray pasaay jawan*

  7. Did you ask aunty before taking her pic?

  8. main vekh ker batata houn!!!

  9. oye me toh you ko follow already kerta houn!!

  10. nahi tauqeer uncle i forgot to ask aunty… cuz wen i finished clicking she went away wid jack uncle….. 😛

    ubee stalkerrrrr

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