Posted by: YWB | October 12, 2009

Bzy weekend

I had a very busy day, spent 5hours in mosque. First two hours we had a meeting for Amlah members. I teach young girls so I had to go too, my mom and sister are also responsible of different things so they went with me. First half of the meeting we talked about ‘pardah’ and how we university going students need to form a club in our colleges or universities. Along with me there are other few girls who took responsibility of researching and finding out the costs and stuff. I am kind of confused what are we going to do in this club. They said we can arrange jumma namaz, but the thing is on Fridays there are only few classes and there aren’t many students around including me. They also said that we can arrange a meeting with Muslim girls and discuss importance of pardah. How are we going to do this, when these girls who we know very well out side of school but when we meet them in school they pretend they don’t even know any one of us who does pardah. So how are we suppose to approach them?

This year there have been many, many kutbahs, meetings, discussions on Pardah, there have been so much emphasis on pardah that it made me wonder if I am doing pardah correctly or am I slacking off a bit too? Everyone is told to re-evaluate themselves if they are following all the guidelines of Holy Quran. Sadly many of us slack off, and many of us have become hypocrites. When you see them in mosque or other religious gatherings they are doing beautiful pardah but when you bump into them in school, malls, or anywhere outside of mosque they don’t look like a Muslim woman.

After two hours meeting, we had our regular class which everyone attended even young girls and elder women. There were two topics that we discussed, lying and again pardah (see that’s what I am talking about). After talawat and poem, one person read different hadiths and explained it to us why we are not allowed to lie, another person collected all the verses of holy Quran and explained the same point. Than we had an open discussion about pardah and again one person was giving us references of hadith and quranic ayas.

After meeting, me, mom and sister went to this new Japanese restaurant, food was olrit. Actually we wanted to go to this other Japanese restaurant, which was closed today so went to this new one. When we came home, my friend called, she wanted to go out for a bit so I went to her house picked her up on the way to boston pizza we picked this other friend. I had the most delicious and best ‘brownie addiction’ with ice cream…..ufffff I am craving for more right now. We came home around 10, started doing my assignments…story of my life….



  1. LOL! 😛

  2. You had so much FUN!
    and then you complain about how you so many assignments! 😡

  3. wat r u LOLing at SAWJ 😦

    huda i am a student, its my right *snooty*

  4. lolz @ even young children and elder women .. as if auntiyaan kissi baat may peechay rahti hain 😛

  5. At your life story. 😛

  6. dosaron ki life story pay nahi hanstay…… *snooty*

    mazloom kay dil ki aah bi lag sakti hai

  7. Dearie Miss Snooty, you’re tagged =P

  8. hayeee ooo raabbaaa

  9. Nice name, Miss Snooty! 😀

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