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Umema and Absar wants me to do my own tareefain ….. Here you go ….

  1. I am kind Champ
  2. Amazing & Wonderful.
  3. Am having sleeping disorder & eating disorder (Allah meyan jii what is happening to me bummer )
  4. I put 4 alarms so I can get up on time but I turn off all of ‘em and than mom comes and start jaanjoring me.
  5. I am getting better and better at hiding my feelings smokin2
  6. When I don’t want to tell something, I laugh.
  7. I dont trust people easilly.
  8. All my friends have shared their secrets, their true inner feelings with me but i have never shared any with them.
  9. My university is 5 min walk from my house but I drive to school.
  10. I purposely get up late so I don’t have to walk to uni 😉
  11. Because of my stupid Turkish friend, I am sometimes tempted to try cig
  12. My phone is always on silent. (because of work! after work I don’t bother, those who really want to talk to me, they know my home #)
  13. I don’t like kids under 3yrs old (I don’t find them cute at all)
  14. I am extremely very very very  ticklish. Sheyn
  15. I wanted to have short hair so i got a hair cut and I regret….. Now I am growing it again *sigh* ensaan kabhi kush nahi hota
  16. I don’t know why but now I get scared very easily. Its not even funny.
  17. Even when I am really mad or naraz, my brother can easily make me laugh PeeCeeGee and i dont like it……
  18. I use to HATE cats and I was scared of them and now foxy sleeps on my bed.
  19. I don’t bother proof reading my blog posts.
  20. I didn’t talk to my naano, mamo, uncles, cousins for almost year and a half. Idont even have a good reason.
  21. I know my great grandfather’s name (mom side) and I know how he got married 😉 lolsss love story
  22. I have very strong intuition about people. (no joke!)
  23. I have never been to PNE (google vancouver pne) yeppp never in my entire life…. And not even planning to go to one.
  24. I dont like dad side of the family.
  25. I have chinese cousins from dad side who i met 18years ago. I once searched my last name on facebook and found all my cousins from dad’s side and saw everyone all grown up. LOL even those 3 chinese cousin dudes…
  26. I have never been to my best friend’s house, and we are friends since grade 8. (Allah…. Even I cant believe this one …..)

There done! Bakshooo ab muje…….. Emmmmyyyy



  1. #9 & #10: Lazy bum! 😛

    #14: SAME HERE!!!!! I get badly tickled if I see moving fingers even within a radius of 1 km! =(

    #16: SAME HERE AGAIN!!! I get scared even if somebody calls my name a lil loudly =$

    #26: she never invited you? Hawww, how evil-ish. Tell her you’ve grown up and won’t run away with her toys =P

  2. @8 – Baray fakhar ki baat hai! :@ I’m not even gonna discuss my feelings about eating a doughnut with you! :@

    You’ve got Chinese relatives? Cool!! (The oo is pronounce EEEWWWWW in this case, with a heavy emphasis 😛

    Uh…. whats your home number? 😉

    Lol @ 4!! I do the same thing! 😛 And then I used to snooze Ammi.. “Ammi, paanch minute baad utha dijiye ga!” 😛

  3. hhaha … chinese cousins ki tasveerein dhikao humain bhi 😉

    and u dont talk to ur maternal side for yr and u dont like ur paternal family and u never visit ur best friend. God 😛

  4. Hahah…well pointed Asma!

    And yes….chinese cousins!! we need to seeeeeee…

  5. its funny how people are reacting to your chinese relatives.. its funny how pakistanis want to see pic’s of the chinese all of a sudden when they find out some other pakistani is related to some.. anyway

    do write your grandparents laav story sometime.. would love to read

  6. DM: i knew u r ma long last sister :O omg i cant believe i actually found yaaaa *shaking umema*

    absar….gud u should tlk abt doughnuts …. i am on diet *snooty*…..
    these chinese cousins do understand lil bit urdu….i remember teaching ’em 😛

    Asma kyun kabhi chinese nahi dehkay :P…. i do meet ma frd i jst never got a chance to visit her place…. 😦

    Tauqeer google maroo ‘chinese’ :p

    Raniyas lolsss well its not really a love story 😛 i was jst filling in the tag couldnt thing of any so i added dat 😉 but yeh i do know abt ma great grandparents n how he met his wife n stuff 😉

  7. was my comments funny? :S

  8. may tu family resemblance dekhna chahti hoon 😛

  9. aur mujhey meetha buht pasand hai

  10. 21. I know all my grandfathers from dad’s side. Yes, I’m showing off. 😛

    I don’t know if any of them had a love marriage. 😦

  11. alright then tell us ur great grandparents laav story..

  12. Uh.. SAWJ, you know all your grandfathers from your dads side…. I find that… disturbing, to say the very least…


  13. Hahaahhahahahahah



    This made me laugh so hard. And it’s like 3 am here. 😛

  14. Tuaqeer: nope not at all 😛

    asma: koi resemblance nahi hai

    sawj damn it i knew u gona say that……y am not surperised

    raniyas love story tu koi nahi hai 😛 lolsss but yeh i do know how they got married 😉

    qa wats funny 😦 i was being very serious wen i wrote this

  15. Absar – I know my lineage, a-hole! 😛

    YWB – Really? 😛

  16. yepppp really :S

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