Posted by: YWB | November 2, 2009


I always have crazy ideas and some are really awesome, problem is    when i have creative ideas. In my head, ideas are perfect and i feel i can do it but when i actually work on it, it doesnt turn out that great.rona I dont get it why :S Like the other day i was in ceramic studio and i had this female sculpture idea for few weeks and i was just waiting for some free time from exams so i can work on it.

So it was around 1pm when i started working on this sculpture, everyone started leaving and there was only two other students left. I was so excited and wanted to finish at least one project before i go home. So i went to the library to print enlarge copys of my drawings, came back to the studio and started working with the clay. Everything was fine, i realized the problem when i had to put together back and front of the sculpture together. I wanted a puffy look but it was so flat and it didn’t really turn out exactly the way i wanted. m8

At the same time i was working on this other sculpture and for that i cut long clay strips but it was too soft so i let it sit while i was working on the first sculpture. When the first one didn’t turn out the way i wanted, i went back to the strips to work with it and when i started to bend them and give them a shape, it was little hard to bend so it broke… bummer
I was soooo mad i wanted to beat someone up really bad. kursi I threw all the strips back in the clay bag, I had to restart bummer so i just left the studio and came home in the rain holding umbrella in one hand and holding a heavy incomplete raku-vase in the other, not to forget i had my bag on my shoulder.
Life like this…huhs

I need ice cream !



  1. ah han …

  2. Awww!
    That happens with me when I think about writing blog posts! 😮
    I had so many in my mind when I was having my midterms and once I was done, I started writing, but nothing came out!

    Sad, isn’t it? Well, it’s life. Gotta survive. 😦

  3. Where do you get your emos from? 😛

  4. i have ’em in ma pc… but i get it off of diff site where i see nice ones 😛

  5. But you know.. 😦 Life – Happens. n_n
    Chill out? 😀

  6. i was into clay once upon a time and then we divorced… they break and tick you off.. so there was no point in carrying anything forth. I switched majors!

  7. Life- Hota hai.
    Haha, thanks to UD for that 😛

    Array, choro na. Trying is the way to do it. If at first you dont succeed, try again 😉

  8. aaah the artist and the frustration…. thats how masterpieces are made… isnt it? the more times u redo it the more expensive it gets….

    • yeh but sometimes you have time restrictions … than it gets harder 😦

      pheww* done with ceramics for life hahaha

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