Posted by: YWB | November 7, 2009

Raku Firing

The only reason I hate surprises, it can turn out to be a shock…. I am so pissed off right now. Today we had a Raku Firing done for my ceramic class. Its only once a semester, you’ll either get a perfect piece exactly the way you wanted or you wont and nothing is in your control. I made abstract sculptures for my raku project, one piece was liked by everyone even my teacher loved it. It had nice finish and neatly done with perfect glaze on top of it. So volunteers put my stuff in the fire and this guy from advance ceramic wanted to experiment his bowl in raku with piece of glass in it. He wanted to see what effect piece of glass going to create on his bowl. My sculpture was sitting next to his bowl so as soon as we put our stuff in turned on the fire, that piece of glass flew n broke my sculpture’s arm right next to my eyes. When it was all done and they took it out of the ashes I figured they lost one of the broken piece so now I cant even glue it back.


Setting some of the pieces for Raku fire…


Getting ready for Raku Fire….


Sculpture on the right is broken 😦


Its not finished yet, i still have to do lots of touching up, the one on the right broke. 😦 The thing i hate about raku firing is that the colours are very limited and the ones we had in our studio were so ugly but i had no choice 😦

huh so much for looking forword…






  1. But it looks unique and I quite like it 🙂

    so the ones with me say Aye and the ones with zeeee say Haye 😛

  2. 🙂 it happens… nice sculpture though..
    How are you feeling now?:)

  3. wow, sounds fun!

  4. Koi baat nahi na ….

  5. Awww…tum bhi us ka tor deteen. 😛

  6. 🙂 nice nice

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