Posted by: YWB | December 6, 2009

aur phir bijli chali gai….

I woke up at 3pm though i was planning on sleeping some more Yawn but my room was freezing cold. With my eyes closed I stretched my hand over the bed searching for my phone….my brain was still sleeping but one text msg woke up me up and almost gave me a heart attack. Anyways forget what was in the msg, long story short it was from a B girl who is in my marketing class and we are doing a project together.

I looked around for my laptop and couldnt find it. I went outside and saw mom was using it smack  I asked her if she can give it to me so i can finish up my project. I came back to my room, grabbed my text book, notes and all the stuff and turned on my laptop, I had only 15% battery, ‘no worries’ i told myself and pluged in the charger. I tried to connect to my net and it wasnt letting me connect. confused  I also noticed my laptop is not charging….confused jinn baba ? bhoot baba ? What is going on in this house???????? Right when you are short of time, everything goes against you. grumpy When i tried to turn on the lights of my room, i figured there is no power. Esix yepppyyy just great  *going mental with madness*

I would’ve enjoyed this very moment if i was at work…..  Hinna's *sigh*

ok now is the good time you can read “inalilah he waina elahi rajehoon* Allah mujay jannat naseeb karay Hayaa faints 

I have ony 7hrs to come up with 2 to 3 pages of marketing plan, i have no idea, the B girl is suppose to send me all of her part of the project, all the research and she is at work and not coming back till late at night. yeyaaa  i am soo gona fail this course cuz this was our major project….. Esix



  1. B girl?

    Like seriously snooty? O_o

    Tum na, sahi kee pagal ho. 😀


  2. ^ like u r keeping u sanity 😛 …. pagal pagal hi ko pehchanta hai LOLSSSSSSSs

    hum b pagal tum b pagal….
    sara zamana pagallll


  3. WTH is a B girl? 😮

    Project hua? 😛

  4. Bi**h gal do i have to spell out everything
    kuch kudh b samaj jaya karo na :S

    yeppp project ho geya….. 😀

  5. Maybe your mom was looking at your blog :).
    At least you did your project. So thanked Allah mian with pride not complain:P

  6. canada may bhi bijli jaati hay?

    B for Bijli?

  7. but that doesn’t explain…

  8. @ Asma: Toronto main light nahi jaati at least, thats all I know. British Columbia sucks! 😛 wwwwwoohoooo! 😛

    And oh, I don’t even think I needed to read the post, you already told me your sukh bhari daastaan! 😀

  9. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links…

  10. oh god, first of all sorry for hopping over, but i loved reading this post of yours, especially smack emotion when your mom was using your laptop. but anyway even if light was there, u wouldn’t be able to work bcoz of sleep,,,,,,,,,rite..:-) by the way u need Raja Pervez Asharaf as your MPA, if you want light to disappear during work hours, he is such a promising man 😀

    • hahahahaha @ Raja Pervez Asharaf LOL

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