Posted by: YWB | December 19, 2009

Last day of winter semester…09

So last night my friends came over, they finished their exams on Thursday. My last one was on Friday morning, after exam I went straight to work bummer and right after work I had to go to mosque to take Nasirat’s (girls) class.  So my friend came over and we all started making plans for this semester break. This was our conversation:
*the whole conversation is real*

Arazoo: So have you guys finalized any place yet?

Ayesha: lets go to Victoria island, we’ll book few rooms in a really nice hotel and stay couple of nights there and come back.

Arazoo: that’s $150/per person on ferry, plus hotel and food

Me: Victoria is for senior people, I don’t wana go there Naraaz

Sis: have you been there

Me: no but I don’t wana go to victoria….. lets go to Seattle  for few days, its only three hours’ drive from Vancouver

Ayesha: We can do shopping too….its less expensive there….

Arazoo: yeh and its not that far and we can take our car….

Sis: But my passport is expired  and by the time I’ll get it renewed our break will over. bummer Lets not go out of Canada.

Arazoo: How about Calgary? smooth

Aysha: yeh lets go to Calgary…

Me: Its gona be so much fun driving all the way there……. But… what are we gona do in Calgary.

Sis: appi do we HAVE to do something, we’ll go there and its gona be fun

Me: *I gave her the look* yes this look … Emmmmyyyy

Mom: weather is bad and its 12 hours drive, anything can happen…

Arazoo: yeh aunty is right, beside I went there in October and 5 cars had a really bad accident

Sis: did you actually count Faizy

Arazoo: no there is a thing called NEWS Emmmmyyyy

Me: Calgary is so boring, lets go somewhere else

Sis: How about Edmonton? I always wanted to see Edmonton Mall.

Aysha: How about north pole? If we cant go to Calgary how can we go to Edmonton. Simple logic.

Sis: but whyyy?

Arazoo: Edmonton comes after Calgary

Sis: k lets just go to Banff Springs…..its sooooo beautiful and we can stay in that 5 star hotel on the top floor. omggg it would be so much fun….   Sheyn

Me: if we go to Banff might as well drive few more hours and go to Calgary Einstein…..I so wana go to Toronto…..

Sis: it takes 6 days by road…

Arazoo: we can go by train …..

Me: omg yeh  Dhimpak….. It’ll be so much fuunnnn ….what are the prices do you know?

Arazoo: no let me check…. *she grabbs my laptop and starts searching* it doesn’t give exact prices but its around $80

Me: WHAT $80 from Vancouver to Toronto….k that’s it… we are going to Toronto for sure…

Arazoo: let me call them and ask… *calling railway ppl at 11pm friday smack*   they are not picking up …I’ll call them tomorrow

Sis: I don’t wana go on train….that’s so boring

Me: its not like sky train ….. LOL

Sis: still …..

Ayesha: I heard there is so much snow down there, what are we gona do in snow….

Arazoo: k I have a better plan, how about we drive on hwy 1 and which ever city we pass by and we like we’ll stay…

Ayesha: yeh there are so many beautiful cities on the way to Calgary…

Sis: I know you guys are not gona do it….

Arazoo: no I am serious

Me: when are we going?

Arazoo: lets go on Monday

Me: I have work

Everyone: WHATTTTT you didn’t book off.  Mad2 really mad Mad3

Me: no  ….I thought we are never gona go..Blush *sharmindagi wali smile*

Everyone: what the hell…. We all booked 1 week off from work….

Sis: just don’t go to work *her simple solution*

Me: well for past few weeks I have been taking time off for exams and studies…..there is no way she would give me time off now.

Arazoo: lets give you swine flue or something Hmmmm

Me: I have 25, then weekend, I have off on Monday 28 and Tuesday I usually have off but I have to go on Wednesday on 30th which I can take off and Thursday I don’t work and then Friday we have off because of new year  and then weekend again.

Ayesha: you do your calculation in your head….don’t confuse us

Arazoo: lets go to Tim Horton…. I am craving for hot chocolate with whipped topping…

Jhansi Ki Rani



  1. First of all Calgary is not boring. Second we have Banff, Lake Louise and Rocky Mountains Parks. Beside we have 4 big malls. Marlborough, Chinook, Sunridge and the new one I can not remember the name. Yahoo welcome to Calgary. The weather gonna be warm next week only -15 and less… Welcome to cowboy city Loll… 🙂


    LOL, Toronto a jati aur mujh say aur Huda say mil laitee. Pagal. =__=

  3. as always…

  4. in punjabi they say

    … jithay di khoti .. authay aan khiloti 😉

  5. lol OMG u called her a ‘khoti” !!

  6. LOL!

  7. Tim Hortons!? lawl.

  8. LOL!!

  9. 😦 i know ……. yep thats story of my life

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