Posted by: YWB | December 25, 2009

ho ho ho merry xmas ;)

u gota watch this ……



  1. hahahaha

    this was maha lame :p

  2. Loll… :xD

  3. ubaid bilkol tumhari tarhan 😉

    Sahibzada lols :p y gussah?
    Thx for stopping by my blog

  4. @ ywb; because our eid was so boring cold friday we had… and now christian people have such a sunny and warm day for the Xmas. so that’s why I got gussah.
    and thanks for commenting on my blog too 😛

  5. lolssss Sahibzada

    the thing is they r not even happy 😉 they wanted white xmas and we wanted sunny eid

    ulta ho geya lolsss

    btw jst to dill jalaho urs, we got sunny eid yeyaa 😉

  6. @ywb: Loll… the thing is that they not even happy for the sunny or white snow day… On the other hand they are not happy because they spend all their money on shopping. They seems angry and bad mode. They don’t want to celebrate it…
    We are happy for our Eid doesn’t matter how it is.., 🙂

  7. Thank GOD meray pass YouTube nahi chal raha abhi! 😛

  8. hehe

  9. LOL!
    I watched this last year.
    Hilarious! 😀

  10. hey… wow .. new blog… how are you doing by the way? i am at work.. haven’t gone through the blog yet…

  11. LOL

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