Posted by: YWB | January 2, 2010

True Religion… ??

My xmas and new year vacation was ruined with flu/temperature/cough/sore throat Naak PooNcho. I planned so much but didn’t do anything. Since Wednesday last year I have been on bed constantly, I don’t remember I have been sick for this long WTH, not a really good start of 2010. Monday back to work. So today I got up around 11am was sick of being all alone in my room, so I took my blanket and went to the living room and passed out on the sofa, mom was sitting there watching tv. I think after half an hour or so, she asked me something which I couldn’t hear.

Mom: I am asking you something….
Me:I didn’t hear.. Yawn What are you asking?
Mom: I was wondering if we google what is true religion, what do you think its gona give us?
Me: I don’t know….Yawn

Later in the evening, I googled it LOL, and went to the kitchen where mom was preparing dinner…
Me: mom you asked me something in the morning about true religion…
Mom: yeh
Me: Google says True Religion is jeans….
Wish life was that easy Sheyn



  1. LOL! I love your posts. 😛

  2. jeans….???????????? Is that a new religion.. just came out?

  3. lolsss huda 😉

    Sahibzada *smacking my head* no thats a jeans brand google karo 😉 lol

  4. Ah man.

    Your posts make my day. AHHAHAHAHAH.

    I couldnt stop laughinggg. 😀

  5. ma pleasure 😉 Qa

  6. hay may pagal. yeah tho waqi woh jeans hai Lollzzz. never mind… my bad… 😡

    between I read the first sentence about flue and blah blah blah….
    here is tip for you: take some Tylenol tablets enshallah you will be fine. I had flue one the second day of new year and I guess now I will be having flue for the hole year 😦 JK…

  7. google is as crazy as people googling it. 😐

  8. hey man i love your header…….the statement just pinched my heart……Eh……

  9. yeh it apply to u too TAUQ EEEERRR

    Thanks for visiting Zain… yeh i love this poem too…. will post the whole poem someday 🙂

  10. Google is so trustworthy! (Y)

    lol! 😀

  11. hahahahha yeh 😉 uglyduckling

  12. Google bhi tumhari tarah akhrot hai! 😛

  13. lolz that’s so wittingly hilarious, which reminds us you can’t find all the answers on Google. i enjoyed reading 5/5 (Y)

  14. LOL.. that’s funny…

  15. omg i cant beleive u visited ma blog *fainttttt*

    thank you haleem *tears*

    u think so Sawj khan baba lol

    Yasser LOL i know …. glad u enjoyed … i enjoyed writing it up 😉

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