Posted by: YWB | January 6, 2010


Ok so I have no idea what is exactly wrong, stupid temperature is not going away and I have been taking this medicine which is not even working, tomorrow I have an appointment with my stupid doctor. Mad I hate to go to her but cant even change my doctor ‘cause our stupid province is short of stupid doctors and if you go to any other doctor, they tell you they are not taking new patients *cause they are stupid* and only taking who are new patients who are new in Canada and don’t have any doctor. How retarded. Mad I mean how about I ended up with stupid doctor who doesn’t know anything and I want to change it. Mad

*can you count how many times I have said stupid*

*whoever actually counted is stupid snooty wali smilie

I slept till 3pm, woke up earlier today. Sunday I slept till 6pm and felt so guilty bummer for missing my zuhar and asar 😦  So i forced myself and woke up and prayed. I was still sleeping but then I was worried I wont be able to sleep at night so I kept myself awake.  After namaz I went to the kitchen, had my breakfast with palahu and raita. Mom and dad changed the setting of the family room and I really like the new look. Before our Tv was by the window and sofas against the wall and now our tv is against the wall and sofa is in U shape. Now we have 2 corners cause all the sofas are joined and now no one gona fight over one corner. pop-khumar-cornWe have those kind of sofas that you put all of them together and make a U. Use your imaginations, I cant explain. Mom was watching tv so I sat with her and talked for a bit. I realized I didn’t see dad for almost 2 days oh god eek a booooo by the time I get up dad is already at work and he comes back when I am sleeping.

After an hour I started watching some boring documentary Yawn and fell asleep in the family room. I had a dream mom was frying kababs and gave me one in a burger. I woke up around 10:30pm and saw mom in the kitchen, cooking something. I asked mom what she is cooking and she was like chicken ka salan. *pretty close* Hinna's *sigh*

Then I had an urge to eat kaju barfi, I asked mom and she got all excited. confused For some very odd reasons she is cooking a lot of new stuff….

Anyways i am dozzing off, I have uni tomorrow bummer and this semester my classes are in a different campus and i’ll have to take bus to get there. Its gona take gud hour and a half Mad I dont think mom gona drop me off cause its really far. life…..Hinna's *sigh*



  1. Koi baat nahi, you’ll be okay.

  2. swearing in Islam toba toba and then on North Pool populations doctors…. study hard so then you will be a good doctor enshallah…
    And one thing more I have cold too from the 2nd day of new years…. And who said that new years bring good luck… for me its getting worst and worst and forget about it….

  3. araam karo 🙂

    U’ll be fine IA

  4. ROFLMAO @ *palahu*


  5. LOL.

  6. Tauqeer: yeh alhumdolilah i am gud 😀

    Sahibzada who said i am becoming a doc *smacking ma head* lols

    asma 😛 thx i did so much aram in ma xmas break … i think i am gud for a year lol

    Huda: eeerrrrrr yeh :$

    Qa: 😉

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