Posted by: YWB | January 9, 2010

I am never gona pakaho your dimaag!

I am never going to “dimaag pakaho” of my friends, nah ever. I am dedicating this post to apologize each and every one of them because I have realized how each of you felt when I “pakahoed” your brain, and sometimes over fried it. smack

I remember once I was talking to Qurrat and Huda came online so I added her into the conversation too .  Huda told me she is not feeling good, and she is feeling little down. So i thought lets cheer her up, instead only after half an hour, she told me now she got a headache too because I am “dimaag pakaho”. confused Yes that was the day when I first heard the word pakaho. confused

Today I had to coordinate with HR, conducting interviews for 25 people. At the end of the day Sadaf I had to take two Tylenol to get rid of my headache. The problem was most of them were new in Canada and they didn’t know how to communicate in English. It was so hard to explain each question for so many times and still they didn’t get it. We had to narrow it down to people who can communicate or not and those who can then we had to go through the paper work with each individual.  By the end of the day they totally pakahoed my demaag. Hayaa faints

Anas thought I need to start with Urdu alphabets until I used a word “nawazish” hahaha damn I had no idea this one word gona impress smooth him so much. He replied back saying I thought your Urdu is weak

Absar thinks my spelling stinks Sahar02….. I mean come on.. no really come on…..

Sawj says he needs to decode my writing every time he reads my stuff frusty…. I mean not blog post but other then blog post ( or maybe my blog posts as well ….now I have to ask himHmmmm). He thinks when I pray, even Allah miyan probably take His converter trying to convert my Urdu.

Fine I admit my roman Urdu sucks bummer big time and sometimes I don’t even know how to form a wordbummer. For instance once I wanted to use a word “fareeg loog” but they all bullied me for using wrong spellings. I mean fine its probably little bit off but still you can understand. Its not like I am talking in different language.
Anyways I am so sorry for pakaho your dimaag cause I have been through the torture myself and I realised how it feels. Muje sabaq mil geya hai…..

Oh n by da way sorry doesnt mean, it’s neva gona happen snooty wali smilie




  1. Paka dia na phir se dimagh! 😛

  2. koi nahi


    *dies* while laughing! Good GOD!

    Kar diya maaf! 😛

  4. ROFL!!!! lol @ pakaho 😛 lolll

    maaf to kardia pehle hi but hats off to u for remembering each n every thing!


    Mazaak naam kee koi cheez bhi hoti hai, nahi?

    Ok, you’re forgiven. But AAHAHHAHAHA. 😀

  6. Aagay aagay dekhiye hota hai kya! 😛

  7. Its like Pashto word. “Pakaho” means cooking in Pashto. Loll 😀

  8. I am sure they had forgiven you until you said it will happen again :p

  9. Absar u already forgave me so itz k 😉

    Huda, qurrat, 😉 main b mazak hi kar rahi ti wen i was saying sorry lol

    Anas yeh i got really gud memory …

    sawj bring it ooonnnnn

    Sahibzada pashtu ? not u tooo *smacking ma head*

    Wakas: LOL yeh they have… i asked them for forgiveness before i did this post…. actually i told them i am gona tell the reason ONLY AFTER they forgive me 😉
    btw thanks for dropin by ma blog 😉

  10. hmmm to yeh batien hain!

  11. jee haan 😛

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