Posted by: YWB | January 11, 2010


I was out with friends this weekend, we had loud music  on and we all were singing alongmusic…..trying to sound exactly like the singer when my friend turned down the volume and tried to get our attention while we started screaming at her for turning down the volume, my favourite part was about to come grumpy

Arazo: guys guys I have to tell you something, I had a really weird dream last night.
Jamila: why what happened?
Arazo: In my dream Jamila said that we are not going to take Arzoo for dinner because she didn’t floss her teeth…
Us: ROFLLLLLL  rotfl

We went to this new Pakistani restaurant, they opened their new location. We heard so much about the place so wanted to give it a try. We settled down and ordered our meal. Their service was pretty quick, I guess because it wasn’t really busy. I liked the whole traditional interior of the restaurant…..Phatima1

We were enjoying our meal, when one of my friend noticed something and asked me to look at the far end of the restaurant. I looked up and we all started laughing. Arzoo who busy with her food, was all confused and asked us what we are laughing at Konfused, I told her, “Arzoo look your dream is coming true LOL rotfl” she turned around and saw a guy trying to floss his teeth with a toothpick LOL….  CareBear




  1. eeekh

  2. and wat is this ‘eeekh’ suppose to mean Tauq eeerrrr

  3. 😀 i m definitely enjoying reading this blog posts 🙂

  4. i am glad 😀

  5. Flossing… Loll… I hate it when I do it all my teeth gets bleeding… and my dentist oh God… He doing it for me so fast… Want to kill him at that time and plus the lecture… Why I am not doing it… How should I do it… and blah blah… Ab stop karo doctor sahib… zayada hogaya lecture… 😀

  6. Hahahah! Dream come true! 😉

  7. You blog about the randomest things on Earth.

    but it makes me laugh anyways 😉

  8. hey invite me cuz i will stop flossin today 😛

  9. Bongi! 😛

  10. *snooty*

  11. i dont blame them for picking on u,
    lol :P,

    everybody isnt so cheerful all the time, like u seem to be in this post so they dont get what u feel, but it makes u look very sweet, 🙂

    also read and enjoyed a few other posts, especially the use of emoticons

  12. thanks … hope to see u again on ma blog 😀

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