Posted by: YWB | January 22, 2010

Guess who i saw?

I was watching this sad drama “Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishaan Episode 4 part 1” on youtube when at 1:23 min i noticed someone. Yep! None other than our very own, everybody please a big round of applause to Sawj. smooth . We had no idea our sawj is so famous and works for TV.  He is so humble, kind and down to earth person and never showed off that he is a super model. Masallah.

Taleyaaan!  Clapping


He was hiding his identity for so long but I am sorry Sawj, world deserve to know who you really are. I know you wanted to keep a low profile but don’t be a na-shukray admi. Enjoy it while you can. Dhimpak


Appeal: Please if all of us can pitch in some money and finance a haircut for Sawj, tu Allah  jaza-e-kher day ga (Ameen)


The guy on your left side with long hair yep he is sawj.





  1. does look like him 🙂

    BTW i really dont know why they made a drama on this story .. its pretty slow and single tracked .. I’ve heard they did major changes to dramatize it

  2. Sawjjjjj? Yeah, this guy so looks like him! Scary!!!


    Wow. Creepy. O.o

  4. dude u bleww ma coverrr *smackin ma head*

    and dis was a comebackkk ? wat kinda comeback was disss ? o_O

  5. Does look like him lol. How did u end up watching this drama?

  6. LOL!!! Hahahah!! Really! It does look like him! I mean he does look like him! 😛

  7. Loll: He looks like CM Punk :D…

  8. Asma yeh i stopped watching after Ep 7

    DM & Qa isnt it ? i was like :O wow for real ?

    Sawj dude 😉 da diss is that he is not u lol

    Anas: i was bored and all of the sudden muje feel hova i should watch this paticular drama 😉 lols

    Absar lolssss see i found his hum-sakal n he is still not thanking me :S

    Sahibzada who is CM punk

  9. So much resemblance!!! Like Qurty said, it’s creepy! 😛

    Lol @ hum-sakal Sawj! =D

  10. 😛 i know i paused it for so long n kept staring n fainting n den getting up and staring n den fainting again

    its sooooo creepyyy lol

  11. lol! His hair are cool! 😀

  12. I want to see that drama too, utube pay pora hai?? I mean episodes aired so far??

  13. not sure….. but its really boring drama i watch zabardast till 7 Epi…..

    i can tell u ending right now without watching that gal gona get married to that guy …. baas

  14. Drama to bahana hai, Snooty mujhay dekhti hai. 😛

  15. abi pagal nahi hoi hon

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