Posted by: YWB | January 24, 2010

Weekend @ Boston Pizza :P

I was out with friends today, we were planned to go to Boston Pizza for dinner. It’s the only place where we ALL love to go, usually whenever one person suggest a new place one of us wouldn’t want to go there. We tried their new location this time, we are setting a new record by the way, we are going to visit all of their locations . CareBear The only things I keep going back for are Southwest Potato Skins, Oven Roasted Chicken Quesadilla and of course their Chicken Stromboli. Delicious.

While we were waiting for our order, I saw ‘shadi wali’ car outside of Boston Pizza and came out a bride and a groom. I told everyone and we all started staring outside the window through blinds like true desi. We make desis proud CareBear lol The bride was looking gorgeous in her wedding dress and jewellery. But it was so hilarious and we couldn’t stop laughing. It seemed like bride and groom ran from shadi kay mandaat. LOL Who on their wedding day goes to Boston pizza. LOL like seriously.  smack2

I kept daring my friend to go up to them and ask them why they are here 😛 They sat down in the lounge and we were in the dinning area. So we keep getting up to fix our dresses and pretending to look for someone while we were actually looking at them.  pop-khumar-corn When bride and groom walked out of the Boston pizza after 15 minutes we all ran back to the window again so see her. While sitting in the car bride saw us and smiled. LOLrotfl

With a good laugh, we enjoyed our food…… P@GL!

Chicken Stromboli, Southwest Potato Skins and Caesar Salad

Brownie Addiction



  1. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Hehehe.. it must be some sight to witness, I knowww.. Maybe the Couple didn’t get to eat in their own wedding, and must be hungry… a friend of mine did the same once… only they ordered pizza at Home at 3 in the morning as they didn’t get to eat their own wedding meal.

    The food in the pics looks sooo Delicious 😀 Yum Yum … I wanna eat it … and I am hungry now.. [ have only got SOOPER Biscuits with me 😦 ]

    Take Care…

  2. you made me hungry 😦

  3. Moon yeh we can only assume …. they didnt stay long enough for dinner though…. jst came sat down for few minutes n left….

    weird world !

    Ubaid to bad 😀

  4. Hehe funny.

    But were they desi couple?

  5. indians 😛 lol

  6. YEH KYA BONGI POST THI! DELETE IT AND…do one about me again. 😛

  7. jaab tum bongi movies kar saktay ho tu main keya ek bongi post nahi kar sakti

  8. why dont u let me be… i dont want to eat 😦

  9. I want the brownie thing. 😡

    NOW. =_=

  10. Can I have one slice please :(…

  11. i would do that too 😛 who likes so much of pouring of people on their wedding day!

  12. yum yum food 🙂 , story bhi achi thi, but i think live situation would be more hilarious 😀

  13. desi jahan bhiho aik hi jaisay hotay hain 😛 😛

    And i love love love the way second platter is decorated 😀

  14. next time when u go there .. meri taraf say shabash dena itn piyari plate decorate karnay par 😉

  15. Just love Boston Pizza’s shrimp pizza (we tried the one in Niagara and it was lovely!)

    and lol who goes to Boston Pizza on their wedding day? Maybe it was all a gag?

  16. Hahahahahaahahaha! 😀

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