Posted by: YWB | January 30, 2010

Winter Olympics

So everynight before going to bed my sister goes to her room logs into facebook and we both chat for 5 min CareBear So the other day she sent me a message saying something like this.

Her: appi I have a news smokin
Me: I don’t wana know if it’s a bad news Vivo
Her: no no it’s a good news really good news
Me: ok what is it ?
Her: I heard we can rent rooms for as much as $2000 a week or you can rent your whole house too.
Me: yeh I know…So ?
Her: so I thought about it and I already made a ad that I am gona display in my school and all other places tomorrow.
Here is the ad, let me know if you want to add anything. Faizy

Canada 2010 rental, Vancouver B.C. Canada; house for rent with 5 bedrooms and 4 washrooms, everything included, internet, TV lcd plasma huge house. It is near downtown and Richmond. Friendly neighbourhood. Deposit will have to be paid in advance for 1000, because the house is new and furnished with very expensive furniture and antique. If the full house needs to be used including kitchen, living room, laundry, etc the rent for one week will be $35,000, if the kitchen wont be used, the rent will be $25,000. Thanks Contact me ASAP because there will be many offers. It will be based on first come first serve.

Me: and where are we gona stay ?
Her: well I have it all figured out, you and I can all go to khala’s place and stay there.
Me: what the hell…. I am not letting any stranger use my room and my stuff …. No way  PeeCeeGee
Her: Apii think about this way, we’ll be rich in 1 week and you can have everything brand new. :shoaby:
Me: NO! Emmmmyyyy
Her: who is asking you anyways grumpy … I am gona go post the ad tomorrow …
I am heading to bed and stop laughing I can hear you in my room.

Sleep well everyone …. Yawn



  1. You guys are SUPER CRAZY! 😛

  2. i like ur sis’s raayay 🙂

    Do ot .. and become a millionaire in few weeks 😛

  3. very nice offer………..i ‘ll think abt it

  4. Loll: They can rent the Caravan. So they can take it easily anywhere in B.C. Stop dreaming about millionaire right now. Its too early… :P…

  5. wow..

  6. Your lack of appearence at blog shouting at us that you have already rented out 😀 is this true lolz…

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