Posted by: YWB | February 9, 2010

cooking sessions


  • I have been polishing my cooking skills Daaghu dada and i think i am getting better.  Today i decided to make palau, i was so careful with everything salt specially and then later on i didnt wanted to burn it so i stood in the kitchen keep checking if its ready or not. Finally when it was ready to eat everything was just perfect.  Daaghu dada 2

  • I have been busy with ‘stuff’ so didnt blog or reply to comments…..





  1. Hey, that looks like biryani 🙂

  2. but thats palau *smacking ma head*

  3. It looks delicious! I had pulao yesterday too, but it was my mommy who made it. 😛

  4. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

  5. Busy….ofcourse 😎

  6. Do you know how to cook Kabuli Biryani?
    And between I see yogurt and some salad right… Yummy… 😀

  7. RAITA. 😀

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