Posted by: YWB | February 15, 2010

Meray Adhoray Khawab I

Oh no not another Olympic post!

So everywhere you go all you hear about is Olympics. I feel so proud to be from Vancouver Champ . I always have a busy Friday, right after work I have only enough time to change and leave for mosque to take class.

So I came home from mosque around 8pm and started watching rest of Olympics opening ceremony, missed first two hours though. It was beautiful really beautiful.

I am planning on going to downtown with friends. They closed all the roads in downtown so no transportation is allowed except for taxis.

Last night I had a dream,sleep1 in my dream I was really confused so I asked someone “how long this Olympics going to last.” And the answer was “till 2017”.

Yeh I am funny even in my dreams !   P@GL!



  1. Call it Winter Olympics, which only you guys care about 😛

  2. :p

  3. i just realised my both blogs aren’t in your blog roll 😦

  4. yes…in your dreams! 😛

  5. 2017! Woah! o.O 😛

  6. what? 2017


    This olympics will last for 2017 days?

    oh yeah may be due to too much cold in every alternate day may be scheduled for every single game

    we are funny too 😛

    i need these emotions at any cost 🙂

  7. I’m not shocked! 😛

  8. Lol.

  9. Very funny,,,
    I am daily watching highlights here,,,some sports are amazing…..

  10. Canada’s doing good. And hey if you re interested why dont you give women’s curling a shot? The sport’s very easy to learn and who knows you could be there next time! 😀

  11. Ah well.. it’s over now… sadly.

    Do you still miss it?

  12. Thanks guys for visiting 🙂

    ma laptop crashed down n i couldnt check my blog stay tuned for olympic updates 😀

    and yeh i miss olympics :,( it was so much fun

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