Posted by: YWB | March 5, 2010

BETA Version!

I was going through my old blog and found this and thought i should share it with you guys.  I posted this in 2006 , I was having a conversation with a friend -Scorpion- on msn.

~ *[i’ll TRY 2 b nice]* ~ says: you know when ur on hotmail site and how it says  “SIGN UP FOR THE MAIL BETA”

ŝςõŗÞĭÒŅ says: yea, its like a different version or something they want u to sign up for…new hotmail features…

~ *[i’ll TRY 2 b nice]* ~ says: I was like “wow, hotmail knows I’m desi and tats y calling me “BETA”

~ *[i’ll TRY 2 b nice]* ~ says: I was confused for a sec… really…

ŝςõŗÞĭÒŅ says: *speechless* smack2

~ *[i’ll TRY 2 b nice]* ~ says: I’m sovvy, mayb I need 2 hit da bed…. Konfused

ŝςõŗÞĭÒŅ says: No…..u need more than that….*hugs*….. I love you BETA  haha… rotfl

~ *[i’ll TRY 2 b nice]* ~ says: k this is so going in my blog……..hahaha P@GL!



  1. Hahaha… You’re wayy too innocent! =P

  2. LOL that is the most hilarious thing I’ve read in a while!

  3. LOL 😀

  4. hahahhah, good one.

    Now Google wave is also calling most of the people BETA

  5. ahaha this funny 😀
    and hey thanks for stooping by my old blog 😉

  6. 😀

  7. LOL!
    classic 😀

  8. Awww…chhoti shi bachi! 😛

  9. Umema and Sawj It was 4yrs ago when i was choti si bachi *snooty* now i am mature achaaaa

    Muslim Girl am glad u enjoyed it 😀

    Nadia, Tauqeer n Smiley see i made u guys smile 😉 and thanks for stopin by ma blog 😀

    Naveed ur welcome 😀 n thx for stoppin by do come again 😛

    Yasser hmmm do u think da guy who invented it is desi ??

  10. You are such a tubelight! 😛

  11. u r a bulb wobi karaab 😛 LOL

  12. Hahahah… Benty aap ne to izzat kerdi Sawj ki =P

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