Posted by: YWB | March 10, 2010

Hair cut :D :(

Last weekend I went for a hair cut…the salon where I wanted to cut my hair was out of my place. I had to take the sky train, took me half an hour to get to the place. Mom wasn’t in favour of cutting my hair as she likes my long hair. But I was so sick of just one style and I wanted to have short hair, its way easy to handle and you use less products 😛 lolsss.

When I was going to the salon mom was like, “don’t cut your hair too short”
and i replied, “of course not… know I just wana have a bit short hair not really short”

Hair Stylist: “wow you got really healthy and long hair”
Me: “yeh…smooth
HS: “So did you decide how short you wana cut your hair”
Me: “hmmmm yeh…..hmmm k cut abt 4″ or 5″.”
HS: “are you sure?”
Me: “of course I am”

*after about an hour*

Me: *looking in the mirror* darn it…..kuch zeyada hi chote ho gahe hain
HS: “so do you like your new hair style….its still long” *turning me side ways* “it goes up to your elbows”
Me: “yeh I like it….thankss”  Champ

At home:
“mom how did u like my hair?”  P@GL!
Mom:Vivo han teek hain” she answered with a blank face.
ME: *combing my hair with my fingers* :S


Me: “hey…..what do you think of my new hair cut”
Sis: “u had a hair cut???”
Me: :S yeh…..cant you tell?? confused
Neha: not really….its still long. I thought you are going for really short hair style.
Me: naaaa…….u know mom she is still upset……


Me: dad do u like my hair style
Dad:*watching news* hmmm han bohat achay lag rahay hain” he replied without looking at me.

and i lived happily ever after Emmmmyyyy



  1. kal dobara jao aur shoulder tak lekay aao .. everyone will notice and ull still live happily ;P

  2. Awww. You should have shown it to me too 😮


  3. wow! that much of torture!

  4. Asma i did it in dec 2008 and i didnt really lik it

    Qa: i;ll show ya 😀

    AD: lollllll see now u feel for me 😛

  5. Since nobody actually noticed that you had the hair cut, shouldn’t you pay just half the price at the saloon? 😀

  6. Lol you are so funny. After years of having short (a little longer than shoulder-length) hair, I am finally growing mine out completely! My GOAL is elbow length 😉

  7. saal pahlay shoulder length katwayay .. aur abb knee taklambay hogayay? baal hain ya zubaan? 😛

  8. hahaha………mazay ki story……….

  9. hahah this was interesting 😀 to read all that 🙂

  10. get yourself a demon barber next time, just like in that movie; what was it called…?

    Uh…Perfume !

  11. “the salon where I wanted to cut my hair was out of my place.”

    Baaqi kya ghar mein hain? 😛

  12. 🙂

  13. your hair cut story justifies your blog *yesterdaywazbetter*

  14. Haha! awww.
    My mum always says “don’t cut your hair too short” every time I go to the hairdressers!

  15. Hahah!! 😀 I go through this torture EVERY time I get a haircut! Everybody gets a heart attack at home.

    Last time I got a haircut two years back and well, she cut off quite a bit of hair!

    I think I was being cursed about my hair for at least a good 6 months after that! 😛

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