Posted by: YWB | April 3, 2010

Past / Present!

Past: Those were the days when mom use to run after me and my siblings with a rolling pin in one hand and other struggling to catch us. Sometimes when she actually had time she would go to the kitchen to get some kali mirch – black pepper – and grind it and than run after us again. She would catch us and beat the hell out of us.Smiliestar hitting She would take “kali mirch” and put it down our throats and we would run to the kitchen and drink as much water as we could and  we would apologize say sorry and make fake promises that we would never do any kinda stupid sarartain, like taking my younger sister’s doll and break her neck and would ask her very innocently “dehko ap ki doll ki neck toot gai…CareBear”. But we would soon forget all our promises and even the punishment that mom gave us.

Sometimes we would lock ourself in the washroom and mom would angrily bang the door and me and my sister and brother both would laugh and laugh till our stomach starts to hurt. CareBear And mom would hear our laughter and would walk away saying, she’ll beat us up when we’ll come out of the washroom.ASA And we would laugh even louder and wouldn’t stop till we could no longer hear mom’s voice. There is another long story how we sneaked out of the washroom, while mom would be busy in cooking.
Present: And now when she yells at me I yell back at her. When she is mad and tells me something I argue back till she gets quite and gives me this cold expression which kills me inside. When I do something, I have all kinds of reasons to  justify my act.  Now when our argument gets really heated and I still hide my self in the washroom but this time I am alone, I want to hide myself from mom.  I cry till my my eyes are swollen and I start to get a headache.

Weird how i am changed!



  1. hmmm

  2. Initially, i couldn’t believe that your mum used to force peppers and chillies down your throats. But i suppose, sub continent mums are unique in their ways of punishment. 🙂

    The last para of your post was sad… If i ever upset my mum, i can’t breathe to be honest… but we just have not been wired to say sorry… so i wait patiently… i try to talk to her.. find silly excuses.. ask questions even though i know the answers.. and with time, we forgive each other. such is the beauty of this relationship.

    thanks for sharing.

  3. Safire yeh its true she did that couple of time, 😉 not chillies though only black pepper it meant to give you clear voice 😉 so she had two purpose in mind LOL

    yeh same here i just dont know how to say sorry… usually few hrs later i would go start doing things with her and she would ignore me for a lil while n things get bck to normal

  4. I remember reading this on your blog WAY back.. in fact, this is the very post that got me hooked.. And weird coincidence or whatever, but just yesterday I was talking to Ammi about you and I was telling her about this same post! 🙂

  5. yeh it was on my adorahkawab blog 😛 thought as i cant transfer all ma post i might as well post again……

    OMG absar that is really spooky :O wow

  6. And Absar was talking to his mum about you? Hmmm…daal mein kuch kaala hai! 😛

  7. Hahah.

    The older you become, the more troublesome you get for your parents.

    I feel sorry for my parents 😛 Pehlay main, then merey bhai. Sigh.

  8. @Z: 😀 I know!!

    @SAWJ: Daal mein kaala kya, yeh to khuli khuli baat hai ke she’s my sweetheart! 😀

  9. Ahhhh, the “good” old days.

    I guess I’m the same now, although I’ve gotten a lot better. I used to fight like a banshee with my parents. Now I feel really bad that they had a churail of a daughter (aka MOI, when I was a teenager).

    And they have my churail teenaged sister to deal with now…*sigh*….I really have a lot of sympathy for them!

  10. Sawj … u r jealous absar doesnt talk abt u wid his mom 😀 muahahaha

    Qa: sadly i agree wid u

    absar: i thought ‘honey’ was ur takeya-kalam huh now its ‘sweetheart’

    rabia lol so i guess i am not alone 😉 yeh i feel bad for ma parents specially for ma mom… cuz i always give her hard time 😛

  11. True… When we think of these changes that has come in us, it makes us feel where we have gone wrong and what disaster are we heading towards… It gives lot of pain after we have answered back to our parents… 😦

  12. it really saddens me how much i m less on patience and more on rudeness as i age!

  13. Of course not! “sweetheart” is for special people only! 😛

  14. Past : Ammi runnig after me with Bailna [ Roll Pin]
    Present : Biwi running after me with Bailna
    Future : Baitee running after me with Bailna

    Three stages of life 😀

  15. lolllllllllllllllll

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