Posted by: YWB | April 12, 2010


جن رشتوں کو اغراض کی زمین پر بویا جائے وہاں محبت کے پھول نہیں اُگا کرتے۔



  1. I can read urdu! Yes yes oh yes! 8)

    Haha. btw, I agree with the quote.

  2. its not a quote *smacking ma head* k fine yeh it is but its MINE *snooty*

  3. 🙂

  4. am not in your blog list ='(

  5. theek.

    gharz kee jama aghraz, urdu parh kay acha laga itnay dino baad.

    Agar phool na ugay tou kya money plant say kam chalaya ja sakta hai hehehe 😉

  6. Very true zenia…

    Jaise badal ko nai pata ke barish hi in phoolon ko jaan deti hai lekin jab zor se aaye yeh barish tu is mein kitno ko fanaa kar deti hai 😦

  7. woh zameen phool uganay kay liyay hoti hi nahi hay…

  8. Mohabbat bhi tou gharz hoti hai…is sey bari gharz aur kya hoti hai dunya mein ? 🙂
    baghair gharz kay rishtey paaidaar nahin hotey 🙂

    But…parh kar accha laga…buhat dinon baad

  9. can’t agree more. was thinking about it.

  10. is there another kind?

  11. kind ?

  12. True

  13. kia khoob kaha..nice 🙂
    keep on sharing 🙂

  14. I can read it but I don’t get some words. :s 😦 Omg.

  15. one can argue that it can go both ways

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