Posted by: YWB | April 29, 2010

Bas yunhi….

Have you ever noticed, you are with bunch of people. Munching on crackers and having a good laugh. You are trying not to think about anything else and just enjoy the good time you are having. You go with the flow, you talk, share few blunders, crack jokes, laugh, have a small water fight inside someone’s house and blame your other friend who is sitting 10 feet away.  Only soon someone says something and hurts you deeply.  They never notice and you know they didnt mean to hurt you but you still get hurt. Probably the choice of words ?

Bus yunhi

Hansi Hansi Main Loug

Diloun Se Khail Jatey Hain
Koi Teekhi Baat
Koi Chubhta Hua Lehja
Koi Zeher Alood Jumla
Koi Zoo Mani Si Baat
Dil Main Zakham Laga Jati Hai
Bus Yunhi Hansi Hansi Main Loug

Ye Jantey Huay Bhi
Keh Jism Ka Zakham Gehra Naheen Hota
Bhar Hi Jata Hai
Per Zaban Sey Lagaya Hua Zakham
Dil Main Uter Jata Hai
Phir Kitney Hi Talaafi Key Marham Lagao
Madham Naheen Hota
Bus Yunhi Hansi Hansi Main Loug
Diloun Se Khail Jatey Hain.



  1. bus yunhi 🙂

  2. True zen

  3. bas yunhi hansi hansi mein log
    dilo se khel jaate hain
    unki be aqli ko, kyun tum dil se lagate ho?
    unki nasamjhi ko, kyun tum bhool jaate ho?

    aise hi rehne do, jo kehta hai woh kehne do
    zara dil ko tum samjha lo…meri yeh baat manwa lo

  4. Bas yunhi. Aisay hee.

  5. badey hi koi dhuki atmaa hain app !!

  6. bas yunhi burnol use karlein 😀

  7. Dafa karo logo ko! Hoti hai takleef, sure… but just.. shrug it off.. dil pe na lia karo 🙂

  8. (:

  9. I can relate to that. (:

  10. Dunya kab chup rehti hai ..
    kehno do jo kehti hai…. 🙂

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