Posted by: YWB | May 19, 2010

Just imagine….

If all of us act like this man…. what change do you think it will bring? Instead of banning and protesting and killing and bashing…..

Do you really think the greatest personality of Prophet Muhammad (saw) can be defamed by few pencil sketches? Get real people, instead of giving so much importance to Facebook and boycotting for just ONE day, lets ourselves learn about our beloved Prophet and spread his msg of sabr, instead of showing example of angry…crazyMuslims, lets set an example of tolerance, just as our Prophet (saw) did.



  1. agreed!

  2. you know both of us share similar thoughts on this issue 🙂

  3. I agree. I don’t understand what boycotting would do? face book would still survive. It is not like its running solely on our accounts. It would only leave the bad on the net. we should add the good abt our beloved prophet to counteract the bad.

    I agree with you!

  4. So true. Also updated my blog with my outlook on the current fb saga.

  5. Still protest does matter… showing anger and anguish by protest and boycotting is the most civilised thing I could think of…

    Baqi sub ka apna apna point of view hai ..

    *Yes I have deactivated my fb for now 😉

  6. Snooty, I never expected you to be so intelligent. 😛

  7. I wonder if the protesting is working? will research on it soon.

  8. Doesn’t matter really, Orkut still rocks 😀

  9. Interesting article:

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