Posted by: YWB | June 21, 2010


I think you should all get something to eat or drink because….I want to ruin YOUR, YOUR, YOUR and YOUR appetite in few minutes Phajja moonch wala  hahaha

So on Friday I came home from work, as I entered the driveway I saw my cat, Foxy, sitting next to the car. I got so excited and went up to her to pick her up when i jumped few steps back instead. I saw a half dead mouse disgust  probably taking its last breath and foxy staring at him. The scene was horrible.

I pulled together all my courage, (NO I am not scared of mouse, Naraaz was only disgusted) and went up to her again but she went under the car. I tried to get her out but I was running out of time. I had only 15minutes left to decide on what to wear to mosque, take shower, do makeup, get ready and leave for mosque for Nasirat’s class.

I came inside and nobody was there who could bring Foxy inside. So I left her outside and got ready for mosque. When I opened the door Foxy was sitting outside the door WITH half dead mouse.  Hayaa faints  I almost screamed (NO not because I was scared,Barbie it was more of a scream in disgust) Foxy came in and looked at me. She thought I’ll pick her up and hug her for bringing me a lovely gift but i gave her ‘THE LOOK’ Emmmmyyyy and without looking at the mouse I  just locked the door and left.

When i came home it was gone…i asked everyone but no one saw that mouse ever again. It just disappeared in thin air. This will always remain a mystery.  Konfused



  1. HAHAAHAHAHAH. And here I thought that the zamana when cats used to chase after mice is over.. 😕

  2. was*

  3. Nope its not…. i think it’ll never will

  4. Tom and Jerry right at home, except here Tom seemed to have an easy victory! 😛

  5. you highlighted the make up part too *roll eyes*

  6. what?! she ate the mouse??! lol

  7. chalo tumharay ghar ka aik chooha khatam hua 😛

  8. You’re so lucky you’ve a cat, I want a cat! 😦

  9. Haha @ Raheel

  10. LOL.
    I seriously wonder where the mouse went. 😮

  11. awwwwwwwwwwww hehehe you reminded me of the day when i found my chooza lying on the front porch – beheaded – decapitated – brutally murdered **sigh** never found his head 😦

  12. Laying*

  13. I like the new design.. woohoooo 😀

  14. really do u …. i dont =( i wana have a nice colourful layout but wordpress doesnt have any gud ones….

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