Posted by: YWB | July 17, 2010

Meray Adhoray Khawab II

I seriously don’t understand why I get all the funny dreams smack LOL and when I wake up and think about my dreams I just crack up.

Yesterday mom and dad was talking about someone in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. So last night I had a dream I am in UAE lol I had bags and I am standing outside of a hotel. I saw few girls and it seemed like I knew some of them so I started talking to them and we planned to go to a mall but first i had to put my bags in my hotel room so they all came with me, we went up the stairs because my room was on fifth or sixth floor and the hotel looked like a house with multiple floors.

Anyways after i dropped off my bags. We were on the fifth floor I think and in sorta like a courtyard of that floor. This hotel building was like how most Pakistani houses are. Each floor with its courtyard. Anyways we all were outside and we sat on the edge of concrete fence and jumped to the bottom floor and again sat on the edge of the fence and jumped.  I was so annoyed Mad and even asked one of the girls why we are not using the stairs and she explained to me that in UAE we don’t use stairs to go down instead this is the way we go down.  Its a law. Emmmmyyyy

At that point i was so mad. grumpy We were on the 2nd last floor when I almost yelled and asked is this the only way? What about if you are moving out with your stuff? Someone was standing at the ground floor told me that we also use ladder. I felt like beating everyone up. So someone put the ladder and i told them whats the point Naraaz now we are almost there and jumped again to the ground floor.

My phone buzzed and I woke up…… rotfl


Meray Adhoray Khawab Part I



  1. crack hi ho tum sachi

  2. but at least i am funny

  3. Yeh to bohot hi ajeeb hai…u sure UAE tha and not Africa? 😛

  4. hahahah so weird and funny lol
    i want to read “Meray Adhoray Khawab part 1”

  5. Anas lolss yeh i think it was UAE hehehehe

    how would i know never been to Africa or UAE ….

    Arslan i know so weird LOL … for Meray Adhoray Khawab Part I 😀 enjoy

  6. may the souls of those in the dream rest in peace :p

  7. lol.. seem to me like someone is trying to force you to act in James Bond 😛

  8. funny dreams are good for health.~~Albert D’Soza

  9. OMG!! This is VERY weird! 😮 Hahaha! 😛

  10. hahahaha 😀 😀 Kia khwab tha! Aahaha!

  11. LMAO …aahahahhah I am pretty sure a 12 year old gets these dreams …

  12. any updates?

  13. Dreams are weird. I’m SO glad they never come true. 😐 And I’d pretty much prefer it this way only.

  14. So the real problem is with your phone 😛

  15. lucky to see at least sumthing while sleep :)..few people don’t get to see anything while sleep 😦

  16. […] Check Meray Adhoray Khawab III […]

  17. hahaha, your dreams are hilarious. LMAO

  18. Next time, please do cast a hero and a heroin in ur dream!

  19. haha. i used to see these dream when i was innnnnnn 6th standard. how old are you 😛

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