Posted by: YWB | August 30, 2010

Meray Adhoray Khawab III

Few hours ago I was sleeping peacefully with a smile on my face. In my dream i was running around with my cat, Foxy, and laughing, flowers everywhere, wind blowing my hair and a nice music in the background…..  :swing:

OK enough of hollywoodish dream lol…:icecrm:

Here is what really happened.  After magrib namaz I passed out and had a worst nightmare ever.  :huh:

I saw I am in my backyard and its around magrib time. I had my camera neck with me, when all of the sudden i had to go inside the house for something so I leave my camera outside and when I come back I see a lady and her 7yrs old daughter, it feels like they are my neighbours. I quickly look at my camera and my 50-200mm lens is missing. I run towards them and right when they are stepping on their front door i go infront of them and demand for my lens. :luk: First that lady starts to deny but when i look at her 7yrs daughter who was holding her Nikon camera too and MY lens in her hand, she gets all embarrased because her daughters hands over my lens. That lady starts to give me excuses that it was outside so i thought someone going to steal it and i didnt know its yours. I gave her this look  :luk: and walked back to my house holding my lens really tightly.

OKEY WHAT WAS THAT :konfused: seriously …

My brother came to me and started janjoring me and asking me where is pepsi ruined my beauty sleep :gadha:

PS: To all my silent readers, would love to read your comments too :@:

Meray Adhoray Khawab II



  1. more like bollywoodish… and lol @ your dreams 😛
    P.S i like the smily at the very end of the post… cute hai 😛

  2. Hahahah.

  3. Ya Allah! 😛

    That was quite an intricate dream I must say 😛 “she took my Nikon 50-200mm lens”, you actually HAD time to see all those details 😛

  5. Saad thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂
    yeh sorta hollybolly style LOL

    Qa, Sawj, Sana 😀 yeh my dreams are VERY detailed 😉 i can even write a short story hahahhaah

  6. Haha! How could to remember ur dreams???? Amazing!

  7. I am NOT a silent reader! I’m not silent, and I don’t read your blog 😛

  8. Hahahaha

  9. hehehehehehe You are blessed! 😛

  10. Bilal I dont have a goldfish memory like you 😉

    Absar no wonder you havent learned anything abt LIFE so far … oh well your loss :S

    Your’s Truely 😀 indeed i am 😀

  11. hahahah

    and yes I love the title 😀

  12. Hahaha, more like a bollywoodish kinda dream. I loved all the smileys!
    Amazing blog 🙂 hope to return soon.

  13. Ok that’s not adhura at all!
    that’s a nice complete dream that makes no sense whatsoever 🙂 Wonder if you’d have done the same if it’d actually happened…:D

  14. LOL! Man, you have weird dreams! 😛

  15. do wuzu before sleep and u’ll have good dreams. Thats an aazmaya hua totka.

  16. how come it says 12 responses and I can only see 2 😛

  17. new mommy needs glasses hehehehe…. do see OLDER COMMENTS under this comment ? click on it

  18. beauty sleep?:|

  19. nice post 🙂 God you have funny dreams 😛 ;lol

  20. I wish brother would have asked for Pepsi earlier 😛

  21. let me read Adhoary Khwab 2 and I.

  22. You are on to something… what exactly is it that you want to hear?

  23. lol yeah tum kia sochi rehti ho 😀 u know what i saw last nite in my dreams

    that i m going back to pakistan n islamabad ka weather boht kharab hai n suddenly while im on plane i saw two plane crashing over each other n then hamara plane bhi nechay ja keh ghirjatha hai but somehow i m saved o.O

  24. i still love my first love…a have refuse many..for one…but i know she is just a dream for me..

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