Posted by: YWB | September 7, 2010

Ahmadies and Fate of Pakistan

I remember it was late 1974 when one day I came home crying from school. My dad asked me why i am crying. I told him, “my school friends refused to play with me and they were all calling me ‘kafir’ (infidel). Dad we are not kafir, right?” I wanted surety from my dad. He picked me up and planted a kiss on ma cheek and told me, “No we are not ‘kafir’, we are Muslim and don’t worry if they don’t want to play with you, you have your sisters why don’t you play with them.”

I was around 10 years old when all Ahmadi students in our city were kicked out of the schools and universities, only because of their belief, including me, my siblings, cousins and friends who belonged to the Ahmadiyya Community. Few days later, we heard all Ahmadi teachers also lost their jobs. My dad was extremely knowledgeable, intelligent and fair minded lawyer and he was also regional president of Ahmadiyya Community in Kashmir. Our house is a multiple story and huge, when this issue came into his attention, he decided to use part of his house as a school for all Ahmadi students. He told all Ahmadi teachers that he’ll pay them if they want to teach these kids. I remember he paid for all the supplies of the school and few other teachers from other cities were requested to assist these teachers.

We had no idea these small problems are nothing compare to what we will soon face. We had a lavish lifestyle. My dad was earning well as a lawyer and community work was just volunteer. He didn’t earn anything from there in fact in many occasion he would spend from his own pocket to meet the expenses of the mosque.

Slowly these persecution took a violent turn, Mullahs warned all the shop keepers to stop selling things to Ahmadis. If they did, their nikah will be void and they will also become ‘kafir’ and they’ll get the same punishment which Ahmadis will soon get from them. Being illiterate as an average Muslims are about Islam, they believed (and still continue to believe) these mullahs in the fear of saving their marriages and life. They forget these things doesn’t break marriages. Life and death only comes from Allah and no one else has a power of saving you when death angel is standing next to you and no one is capable of giving you death when Allah doesn’t want it to happen.

Life was becoming harder and harder as time was progressing. I had two really young brothers who needed milk but milk man refused to sell milk to us. Water man also told dad he won’t bring us fresh spring water because of what Mullahs have been announcing in the mosque speakers. We couldn’t go buy food because shop keepers wouldn’t sell it to us due to our sect.

One of the extremist molvi was waring people and at night his own brother would quietly carry a water-skin full of fresh water on his shoulder and bring it to us. He would bring all seasonal fruits, vegetables and meat. I still remember he even brought small cookie packs for us kids. He would bring so much food that my father had to request him to stop bringing so much food.

Mullahs and so called muslims were still not satisfied, they planned to kill all the Ahmadi males and take their women and young girls with them. They thought this would weaken us and we will leave Ahmadiyyat. Everyone was feeling unsafe even in their own houses. Announcements were made after every few minutes, calling us Ahmadis, kafir, marzai, qadiyani. They would swear at us and tell us to accept Islam and leave Ahmadiyyat or prepare to die on Friday 5pm. They were continuously announcing that everyone in the city has to take part in this noble cause and if anyone stayed home and didn’t take part in this, we will burn his house along with Ahmadis’ house. Mullahs from other different cities also came to take part in this persecution.

My dad told everyone whoever feels unsafe can come and stay at his house. Therefore, many families came and stayed with us in our house. My dad would lead congregation prayers and would keep everyone in sajdah for really long and keep praying for everyone’s safety. He had a firm faith that we are on the right path and their is nothing they can do to harm us.

I remember very clearly it was a bright sunny Friday morning when my dad along with my uncles called all of us sisters and cousins and other ladies of the house and instructed them and gave them big bags of red pepper, glass powder, some matchboxes and bottles of patrol. He told all the girls to go on the last floor and stay there. If anyone tried to climb the walls of the house, you can throw these peppers and glass powder and if you saw they are still approaching you than you should put yourself on fire but don’t let them come close to you.

Mullahs were stills screaming in the speakers of the mosque and were still threatening us. It wasn’t even 5pm when we heard people chanting slogans loudly “kafir, kafir” and they were so many in numbers that when they walked it felt like earth was shaking. We were all on the top floor of the house and we saw even before they could come close to our house, a ferocious windstorm came. People covered their eyes and started running away no one knew which way they were going. They all forgot why they were all gathered on Friday evening at 5pm.

-narrated by my mother-

This was the Sign of the Living God of Islam which each and every Ahmadi feels and the world also senses. When Allah Himslef states in Holy Quran in Chapter 39, “Is not Allah sufficient for His servant?” than how could we not witness His Divine support and help.

On September 7th, 1974 a special committee in national assembly invited leaders of all 72 sects of Islam to come together and have a debate on Finality of prophethood (i.e. if a prophet could come after Muhammad, peace be upon him, or not) with the leader of Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. The strange part of this debate was that it was never made public till this date. Why? No one knows.

However, at the end of the debate all 72 sects declared Ahmadis to be non-Muslim. Ironically all 72 sects were happy that they have put one group out of the fold of Islam while going completely against Quranic principle that “There is no compulsion in religion” but at the same time a prophecy was fulfilled by this group of 72 leaders who were delighted but ignorant to declare one group Non-Muslim.

Abdullah bin Amar (RA) relates that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said “Surely things will happen to my people as happened earlier to Israelites, they will resemble each other like one shoe in a pair resembles the other to the extent that if anyone among the Israelites has openly committed adultery to his mother there will be some who will do this in my Ummah as well, verily the Israelites were divided into 72 sections but my people will be divided into 73 sections, all of them will be in the fire except one.” The companions asked, ‘Who are they O Messenger of Allah,’ Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “They are those who will be like me and my companions.”

May Allah show us the right path and give us tolerance for each other’s faith. (Ameen)

May Allah give us strength to truly follow the teaching of Holy Quran and foot steps of Holy Prophet peace be upon him who even accepted those who merely uttered the words of Kalima. (Ameen)

May Allah give us enough patience to let each and everyone follow and practice what they think and feel is right for them. (Ameen)

How beautifuly Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad fourth successor of the Promised Messiah said in one of his poem.

دوگھڑی صبر سے کام لو ساتھيو! آفت ظلمت وجور ٹل جاۓ گی

آه مومن سے ٹکرا کے طوفان کا، رخ پلٹ جاۓ گا، رت بدل جاۓ گی

تم دعا ئيں کرو يہ دعا ہی تو تھی، جس نے توڑا تھا سر کبر نمرود کا

ہے ازل سے يہ تقدير نمروديت، آپ ہی آگ ميں اپنی جل جا ۓ گی

يہ دعا ہی کا تھا معجزه کہ عصا، ساحروں کے مقابل بنا ازدھا

آج بھی د يکھنا مرد حق کی دعا، سحر کی ناگنوں کو نگل جاۓ گی

خوں شہيدان امت کا اے کم نظر، رائيگاں کب گيا تھا کہ اب جا ۓ گا

ہرشھادت ترے ديکھتے ديکھتے، پھول پھل لاۓ گی، پھول پھل جاۓ گی

ہے تيرے پاس کيا گاليوں کے سوا، ساتھ ميرے ہے تائيد رب الوری

کل چلی تھی جو ليکھو پہ تيغ دعا، آج بھی اذن ہو گا تو چل جا ۓ گی

دير اگر ہو تو اندھير ہر گز نہيں، قول املی لھم ان کيدی متين

سنت لله ھے، لا جرم باليقيں، بات ايسی نہيں جو بدل جاۓ گی

يہ صداۓ فقيرانہ حق آشنا، پھيلتی جاۓ گی شش جہت ميں سدا

تيری آواز اے دشمن بد نوا، دو قدم دور دو تين پل جاۓ گی

عصر بيمار کا ھے مرضلا دوا، کوئی چاره نہيں اب دعا کے سوا

اے غلام مسيح الزماں ہاتھ اٹھا، موت بھی آ گئ ہو تو ٹل جاۓ گی

Bear up for just a while my friend;
the oppressive calamity will pass by
Upon collision with the angst of the believer,
the storm will turn, altering the season for the better
Make prayers, for it was prayer alone
That shattered the font of Nimrod’s conceit
Just as since the beginning it has been
The fate of arrogance, its own fire shall consume it
Indeed it was the miracle of prayer
That turned Moses’ rod into serpent for the magicians
You will see, today again,
The prayer of the truthful will swallow the serpents of sorcery
What more do you have apart from abuse,
while i have the support of the Lord God
The penetrating prayer that struck Laikho yesterday,
If God so wills, shall strike again today
The sick man of present age is incurable;
Nothing but prayers will now be of avail
O’ servant of the messiah of the age, raise your hands in prayer,
Even if death is approaching, it shall turn away!


  1. aaap itni purani hain? :O 1964 is your birth year?

  2. Saad if you had read the whole thing you would know who was born in 1960s

  3. Those to whom the people said: Surely men have gathered against you, therefore fear them, but this increased their faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector.

    … For the believers Lord and just the Lord is enough. May Allah exhalt the standards of those who give their lives in His way, and be the eternal Support for their families.
    Thank You for sharing your experience God bless you.

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog Amna…. 🙂
      Ameen to your prayers…

  4. lol… actually i didnt have time to read it.. i was running late… gonna read now

  5. nicely written! people need to understand the notion ‘live and let live’
    o and sorry about that mess up earlier 😛

    • Thanks Saad, i agree… we need to understand that NOT everyone agree with us and we need to let them live the way they want to live..

  6. what is actually going on here?

    • Karl, bunch of so called Muslims decided they can take away lifes of Other Muslims (who were declared Kafir by law of the land) Because they believed they had a right to call anyone Kafir and they can take away any kafir’s life if they didnt accept their kind of Islam.

      It was my mother who had gone through all this …

  7. I have some Ahmadi’s friends in school and we neve hate each other. We told each other promised that we will never talk about religions who we believe, who are our prophets and Imam’s. Am I sunny and you are Ahmadi? Like this kind of questions. We just totally ignore these kind of topic yes we go to pray together, we eat together and we hang out together also I went to Ahmadi’s mosque many times and I prayed how I am pray in my own mosque and no ones told me that why I am praying differently. Also my Ahmadi friends to my mosque and everything was fine.

    If we are unite and our heart are clean it doesn’t matter who we are? We can live, breath openly and can understand each other 😛 That’s this world who brought the badges of cultures in us. Somehow we all are alike and we believe in One God.

  8. yeah well… tolerance is something that is becoming less with time…. not only within muslims for different sects but also for other religions…

    Tolerance was one of the greatest qualities of Our Prophet Mohammaed (SAW)… we forget at times…

  9. A very well written and inspiring article yet again. We thank you very much for highlighting the hard times which Ahmadies face in Pakistan for just being Ahmadi MUSLIMS. We have been subject to various forms of persecution and discrimination in Pakistan which is really sad. However Pakistan owes its existence to an Ahmadi Divine.

    On 7th Sep 1974 the PPP in collaboration with Mullahs of Khatme Nabuwwat passed a bill through the National Assembly to declare Ahmadis as non Muslims. Serious debate took place for many days in the National Assembly. Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (RA) Third Successor to the Promised Messiah (AS) clarified the Ahmadiyya Stance in detail. All so called Mullahs and Maulanas were present in the National Assembly.

    At the end of the so called historic proceedings the National Assembly unanimously passed a bill. According to the bill legislation and constitutional changes were enacted to criminalize the religious practices of Ahmadis by preventing them from claiming to be Muslim or from “behaving” as Muslims. Pakistan’s parliament adopted a law declaring Ahmadis to be non-Muslims; the country’s constitution was amended to define a Muslim “as a person who believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad”

    This was a so remarkable victory claimed by the then Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
    Now, 36 years have been passed but no government has the courage to publish the proceedings of this so called remarkable victory to let the people of Pakistan know the realities of the proceedings which became the basis of the so called historic sacred victory of the PPP.

    I ask Mr Zardari and Mr Gilani to order the publication of the 1974 historic proceedings of the National Assembly. It will again be a sacred service to the people of Pakistan.


  10. There are stories in our family as well..They tell of kind hearted non-Ahmadis coming in the dark of the night to give them food and milk.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Lutf bahi… yeh our family has so many of these kinds of stories….

      I hope we follow the footsteps of ours elders who have sacrificed a lot for us and become more devoted to nazam e jamaat

  11. sahibzada: ???? Where do u live dear? Who have told you that by only believing a god islam gets completed? Its not! ISLAM only gets completed by believing a god and his beloved prophet (s.a.w.w). Baat haq ki karo chahay saara zamana rothay.
    And ywb i read the whole post, never wanted to start any arguement cuz thats not the right way by any means i believe. Theres a better way which was followed and taught to us as well and that is dawat. Invitation is a better solution. If any fiqqah denies the last prophet (s.a.w.w) then they denies the whole history as well including those as well who gave invitation and saw the whole qoum finished thru allah’s azaab for instance qoum-e-nooh. Anyway i have an offer, if you call urself broad minded ppl then allow me. Wait till eid. I have read what u had to say. Now give me a chance to say something.

    • i welcome all kinds of debate as long as its done with debate manners and respect which is never an issue with you thats for sure 🙂

      I agree whoever denies our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah b upon him) cant be muslim… whoever denies Unity of Allah, His Books, His angels, His Prophets, Day of resurrection, Divine Decree and of course Kalima: “There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad pbuh is the Messenger of Allah”

      I’ll wait for your reply…
      I hope others who want to take part in this debate will also maintain the respect of our spiritual leaders. Keep in mind for you maybe he (as) is an ordinary person but for us he is a Promised Messiah (as) and Mehdi.

      Jazakallah !

  12. karl: I live in Canada. No one told me that only believe in One Allah Islam is complete. I know His last prophet Muhammad (SAW) and His last book.

    I am not gonna go with you in a arguments because I don’t wanna discus religious stuff with others or here. Maybe I am not good enough to have a debate about it or whatever. Anyway dear karl just want to tell you that; whatever I believe its my own personal believes and that’s between me and Allah and I have to answer to that on the day of judgement and whatever my friends Ahmadi’s believes I don’t really care because that’s there own believes between Allah and them and they will give the answer to it. Whoever we believes or follow, we will give the answer on the day of judgement to Allah mian so just stop using your own brain and everyone knows best.

    Allah wajjal knows best.

  13. jazakAllah for sharing … reminds me of 28th may 2010 when we were passing from the same fears …our house is located just behind Darul zikar garhi shahu , my father was inside the mosque..i was in the house with my mother and two sisters and there was a fear that they might attack houses as well .we were all hiding inside a very small store room with knives and an iron rod in our hands and i was feeling,sometimes, how insecure one gets in his own house…one of the Toughest times of my life.
    and sahibzada thanx for being such a nice human being …this earth really needs more ppl like you who understand that Islam is not about forcing anyone or cursing or hating anyone but it is about “live and let live”
    It is for Allah to decide who remained on the right path and who got astray.

  14. What are the ahmedi beliefs?

    • Ahmadi Muslims have same belief as any other muslims. We follow the same teachings that are given by our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh. We have the same Quran. Same articles of Faith, same kalima, same prayers.

      What differentiate us from other muslims is that we dont believe Hazrat Isa as (nazubillah) was raised up and will come back. We believe he was a human being and not son of God (nazubillah) and according to the Quran and Hadith he DID NOT die on cross as dieing on cross means the person is cursed and he was pious prophet. He didnt die on cross but survived the crucification and traveled to Kashmir and Afghanistan to complete his mission which was given by God, to collect all tribes of Isrealite where he died a natural death at the age of 120.

      Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was metaphorical second coming of Jesus(as) as foretold by Holy Prophet peace be upon him. He revived the teaching of Holy prophet and ended all religious wars and condom all bloodshed. He was given many miracles to prove that He is the Promised Massiah (as) and Mehdi (as).

      This is just a brief summary of what Ahmadiyyat is. If you have any question dont hesitate to ask 🙂

    • Condemn*

  15. sahibzada: if u believe that Allah on the day of judgement will again going to give u an opportunity to find the right way. Its only for ur understanding in this world cuz on the day of judgement u only will get jannat and dozakh for ur aamaal.
    U said that whatever u believe is ur own personal belief, can u tell me why Quran is for? This is not ur personal believe lemme tell u its becuz u took birth in muslim family. U know why i said that u will be christian forever if u took birth in christian family because u dun research u dun care what others r doing. In quran Allah has cleared the right path and made u human to read and realize the right path.
    Be muslim by choice! Our Prophet (s.a.w.w) also could have lived his own life only, do u ever realize why he did tableegh? Why he spread islam? Today ppl like u proves that we come into this world becuz naaozobillah allah need us to pray for him, we r only here to eat, sleep etc we are here to not to use our so called brains. Even animals are alive by not using brain.
    Think cuz i dun wanna argue with those who only have one aspect to think.
    Go and research their and even ur own religion properly.

  16. lemme tell everyone, one of my friend went to interior sindh with a tableeghi group.
    They hardly found any mosque at one point of their stay. They found ppl, muslim ppl who didnt even know the kalima, they didnt knew how to offer namaz, even they were unaware of namaz.
    Y Hussain (r.a) stood against yazeed?
    Y all ghazwaat were fought for?
    These r the points of thought. Lemme answer:
    yazeed regularize the drink of wine, he made legal to get married to even ur own sister and mother, it was not the matter of kingdom. If Hussain (r.a) also let him do what he was doing then today there would have been 100 canadas but not a single muslim country. We thanks to Hussain(r.a) that by the help of Allah he thought and took initiative.
    Ghazwaats were also fought for justice for right path, against the all odds. Today if anyone calls us extremist then tell me why HE (s.a.w.w) granted lives of all captured ones and only focused to destroy stoned gods? His (s.a.w.w) purpose was to show the right path.
    To all who thinks that let everyone do whatever, should read and realize whats written in quran. Its clear from the way of living of our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.w) to spread Islam.

  17. sahibzada: u said u went to ahmedi’s mosque. With no sorry to ahmedis lemme tell u that u seriously need to be focused. Consult any right one and refresh ur imaan.

  18. now ywb: i mean no violance, no hurtings, no hatings, no hittings.
    All what i said above was to my own muslim brother and if iam not wrong u call us non ahmedis.
    I have a believe that i will prove that iam not here to be another person. I have some duties some responsibilities as muslim. Itna to haq allah aur uss k nabi ka hai mujh pr k usska naam gum na honay doon aur chahay jaan se bhi jaon haq ki baat kroon.
    As yet we r not discussing ur spiritual ones, we will do it later.
    Right now i have a question for u.

    • yeh we Ahmadis call you non Ahmadis… It doesnt mean you are Kafir and you dont believe in Holy Prophet peace be upon him. It simply means you are Not Ahmadi

  19. u by saying kalima again n again trying to prove that u donot denies last prophet (s.a.w.w).
    Question is for u and for ur elders.
    X is a mother and y is daughter. Y knows x but do not accept to call x her mother. Its proved that whatever y do but if she dun give x that position then its useless.
    Jo Nabi (s.a.w.w) ne farmaya wo hadees ki soorat hum tak pohancha. But rasool (s.a.w.w) ki he hadees hai k jo hadees quran se takra jaye uss hadees ko deewar pe day k maaro kiu k wo meri nahi ho sakti. And rasool (s.a.w.w) ne apni zindagi mai khud farma dia hai k mujh pe naboowat khatam hui.
    Apply my equation there, how u ppl claims that u dun denies rasool allah (s.a.w.w) when u r denieing his (s.a.w.w) ahaadees then what else left?

  20. 1) All Muslims INCLUDING Ahmadis believe that word of Quran are secure by Allah, no one had or ever will change any word even a vowel from Quran. Allah promised to protect this Holy Book and even the enemies of Islam accept that this Book has not changed since it was revealed.

    If we try to match Hadith with Holy Quran, it would be an insult to Holy Quran, it would be same as rejecting Holy Book. So if there are any hadith that contradicts with Holy Quran, it CANT be a true hadith, because even Holy Prophet pbuh cannot go contrary to the word of Allah.

    I (in fact all Ahmadis) believe that any hadith which contradicts the Holy Quran, reliability of that particular hadith is open to question and it deserves no attention.

    2) If; however, a hadith is consistent and in accordance with Holy Quran, all Ahmadis accept it.

    3) We Ahmadis also believe that Holy prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him was Khataman Nabiyyeen, Khatamul Anbjya and the best prophet and who ever denies this is a faithless person.

    And to prove my statement I want to quote Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as (Promised Messiah and Mehdi):

    He has stated:

    I call Allah, the Glorious, to witness that I am not a disbeliever. My doctrine is that there is no one worthy of worship save Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah . I believe concerning him that he was the Messenger of Allah and the Khataman Nabiyyeen. I affirm the truth of this statement with as many oaths as are the Holy names of Allah and as are the letters of the Holy Quran and as is the number of the excellencies of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. No belief of mine is contrary to the commands of Allah and His Messenger. He who imagines anything contrary to this labors under a mis-conception. (Karamatus Sadiqeen, p.25)

    Again he has stated:

    The person who was above all, and was a perfect man, and a perfect prophet, and who came with the fullness of blessings, through whom, on account of his spiritual advent and the spiritual resurrection that he brought about, the first judgment manifested itself and a whole universe that was dead was revived, that blessed prophet Khatamul Anbiya, Leader of the elect, Katamul Mursileen, Pride of the Prophets was Muhammad Mustafa, peace and the blessings of Allah by upon him. (Itmamul Hujjah, p.28)

  21. ive heard that ahmedis believe that hazrat mohammadPBUH was not khatimun nabiyeein and according to them the last prophet is mirza ghulam(i dont remember the name) is it true plzz tell me

    • AsalamoAlikum Fatima,
      read my above reply.

      In short Ahmadis DO believe in Khatam un nabiyeen…

      you will never find ANY ahmadi who would believe that Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him was NOT (nazubillah) a khatamun nabiyeen and that Nazubillah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was last prophet.

      its a lie told by Mullah and everyone believed them without confirming with Ahmadis.

  22. Asalamoalaikum!

    Religion is a matter between man and God.

    No-one has the right to intervene.

    Lovely post!

    From an Ahmadi Brother living in London.


    • Thanks for stopping by and showing respect 🙂

      keep coming

  23. very well written. good job!

  24. Assalamo Alaikum,

    I’ve found this article to be very interesting and that, how Allah answers the prayers of the believers! Subhanallah.

    It is with great shame that Pakistan has become drunk with power and Mullahs have been given autonomy over national matters. Religion must be separated from state matters at all cost! Though if we see the earlier conditions of Islam, Prophet Muhammad SAW had established a secular government by producing the ‘Charter of Medina’. All the people of Medina, whether Muslims, Christians or Jews had accepted Prophet Muhammad SAW as a political leader, if not a religious one. And all their problems were solved according to their own judicial laws!

    The constitution of Pakistan has driven the people to their present state. Floods, famine, food crisis, civil disorder, are just some of the catastrophes Pakistan faces today! The Mullahs of Pakistan have ulterior motives to all of this, they don’t want to create order and peace but their motto is, LOVE FOR NONE HATRED FOR ALL, as to the contrary motto of Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Love for All Hatred For None.

    I’m sure for a fact, that the enemies of Pakistan will not be the reason behind its collapse, but the Mullahs and Sectarian violence which will push Pakistan over the edge. May Allah have Mercy on Pakistan and its people, Ameen

    I appreciate all my Ahmadi brothers and sisters who have come forward and raised their voice against the dreadful enemy within!

    An Ahmadi from Australia

    • i couldnt have said it better….

      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog….

      keep coming

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